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  1. I didn't fish but 3 or 4 days last year. Now my kid is 2 1/2 and he will be able to enjoy the outdoors with me this year. I plan on taking him to some local parks and just enjoy it. Any places you guys know where I can take a little guy and catch a few fish? If I take him to Sharon woods am I able to fish from the docks? I don't know if I would trust him in a rental boat. He is pretty good and listens but I don't need him going overboard. Also how about the campgrounds at eastfork, do they have some ponds there still?
  2. Yes, you can take him to Sharon Woods and fish from the docks. People do it all the time. My Dad used to work at the park so I'm sure you can do it. Another great family friendly park in Ohio is Lake Isabella in Loveland on Loveland-Madeira Road. You can fish from the banks if you like, especially with a young child, it is safer. I go there occasionally and see many families with children there. I think I've read that they have fishing tournaments for the kids there also during the summer. I had some good times there. Good luck and have fun!!!

  3. I suggest the lake at VOA park in West Chester. It has a little fishing pier that is ideal for kid fishing and it is surrounded by hungry blue gills and a few LMB. If you are a little slow reeling in a gill, you might wind up with a nice LMB on the line ;) .
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