Can't Stand Slob Hunters

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  1. We bowhunters have terms for certain things, alot like sail boaters have for power boaters, these terms describe things that we use in our slang of our favorite actions. I really got to experience this on Tuesday. I was sitting in my Tree Stand minding my own business, when I looked out to the field, I noticed a group of guys starting to file in to start a push. The funny thing was that I thought they were going to go the other direction, they didn't. They walked by my Truck (They said they didn't see it, I find this hard to believe as there are Redneck hunting stickers all over it). They continued up the field to my stand where I was in the process of getting down (8:30 am on Tuesday). I asked if they had written permission to be on the property and they stated that the one guy in the middle of the drive line had it. I went ballistic on them, I am so sick and tired of these no good for nothing SLOB of hunters that think they can ruin a guys hunt just because one of them has permission. I personally know the land owner and he stated he did not know they had a group of guys driving the woods or he would of told them "NO". Anyways, they continued their drive while a stalked of mad to my truck when all of a sudden it sounded like world war 3. Deer were going everywhere. Sorry if this makes you mad but I had to vent. It is frustrating to see the small bucks that I passed up during the Bow season to get bigger, just go to waste because of some incompetant "SLOBS".
  2. I feel for you Mike. I have been there myself.

    I was bowhunting on private property during muzzeloader season some years back when 2 truckloads of guys jump out and start to drive the property I was on. They did not have permission to be there. I saw rifles (not muzzleloaders), semi auto shotguns and muzzleloaders. They were invading. With only a bow, I got down out of the stand and stood in a clearing where they could see me with orange on. By now it was too late anyway, they were all over the place. They took off before I could get a license plate. Ruined my day and my attitude.

    Good luck, keep at it. In a few weeks the deer will settle down. Maybe that big one will amble by. My buddy killed a big deer the last weekend of the season a few years ago (bow- late January) tending a yearling doe. You never know.

  3. i am always excited when gun season is over
  4. I understand you frustration. There have been guys from Cleveland on the property I hunt. This is the fourth consecutive day they have pushed out the property. By tomorrow, there probably won't be much in the area due to all the pushing.

    We bow hunted this property all fall and had high hopes. I do gun hunt, but I stay in the stand all day rather than drive. It's frustrating due to the fact that these guys never bow hunt, show up the first morning of gun season, and continue to push all week until they all have their tags filled. I could go on and on, but I am only getting more angry.
  5. Why not carry a cel phone when you are hunting to call the local game warden as well as the landowner. Get out of the stand and hurry to where their vehicles are parked and get the license number(s) plus note the time, date and number of individuals you observed.
  6. Most of the gents we have problems with driving our hunting area in Harrison are from Holmes cty! Of course, the locals do it too-they "live there", thus they feel they can pretty much do as they please! It's not just a 'regional problem'.
  7. I do carry a cell phone with me, unfornately, since I do not own the property I can not have them arrested for trespassing. That was the first question when I called 3 years ago. I now have the land owners number to call if it happens again. That worst thing about the whole thing is I shot a Doe yesterday evening so now my daughter wants to go, but I am afriad to take her because of all the idiots out there.
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    Thats exactly why I sit this week out. I only bowhunt, I have no interest in gun hunting here in Ohio. I'll wait until next week and start hitting it hard again.;)
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    i once took part in a drive hunt with some locals down by rt 77 and rt 70 . they used 30/30 and other long guns and after the first drive the got some 12 oz. refreshment, and then put on another drive close by. they had permission but i did not like the idea of someone w/ a 30/30 walking and possibly shooting toward me. ine of the other guys was using an m1 /30cal.
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    I agree with you 100% big mike. I would love to be part of a drive, but I want to do it right. With permission and people I know and trust. If anyone wasn't legal, I would turn them in myself. I believe firmly in our right and priviledge to hunt, but we need to be safe, responsible, law-abiding, rational hunters who respect the land and others rights in the process.

    It is after all, a PRIVILEDGE and I thank the Lord everyday for the ability and opportunity to enjoy our resources. Be safe guys.
  11. I always get written permission, I always run into people who don't when they walk up on me in my stand. It has happened every year, during bow and gun seasons. This year's excuse was they were tracking a deer at 5:30 in the afternoon that they had arrowed the day before. It was about 60 degrees. The last guy, the saturday before gun season, spotted me and turned around. You worked hard to find a place, get permission, scout it out, put up stands, and you must factor in that some other @#$@hole is hunting it without permission. I stopped putting up stands because these tresspassers were using my stands. Now that takes big ones. I only use a climber now.
  12. ...Shortdrift..&..Big Mike...You are right the land owner has to be the one to call the warden on trespassers...Had the Warden walk up on me and a buddy...I told him I couldn't believe Coolies called him on me...He said Coolies owen this property I told him Yes...His reply was They wern't the party who called..After we talked for a little while...Said you have a nice day...Drove up to the farm as he drove by blew the horn and waved...I knew who called and they didn't own the farm...I had a run in with there son in law years earlier.
    ...elkhtr...Don't go hunting in Pa.The First and second Sat..There nuts...Hunt a private farm back off the main road...As you said here they come pick-up truck loads of them ...jumped out and started a drive..crossed three farms and a tree farm that was in sight of me...they couldn't cared less...Screwed up my day real quickGOOD HUNTING GUYS....:!
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  13. This is my first year deer hunting, well this is my first year hunting period. I do not own any kind of bow but plan on buying one. My point is there are alot and I mean alot of people that should never ever have the right to own a firearm let alone shoot one. My first hunt ever was at Resthaven for pheasant, not too bad I only saw 2 other guys and they were cool and respected the area I was hunting. Then I thought it would be a good idea for me and a buddy of mine to go there on Thanksgiving..... bad idea there were people everywhere, I really wanted to hunt so I decided to have a go at it anyways. There was a long line of guys waiting to go into the field and I am talking about 40 to 50 guys. We started to enter the field and kicked up a bird and WWIII broke out and about 6 guys peppered this bird. We continued to walk when another bird was kicked up and I took a shot and missed so I shot again this time I hit it, the bird went down about 20 feet away from me by the time I walked over there somebody else had already picked it up!! Then I turned around and there were people shooting in front of me behind me, next to me and it scared the crap out of me and said that it was time to go. Then I excidedly wait for deer gun season. What sucks is I am forced to hunt public land, what a joke now I see why bowhunters look foward to the end of gunseason, most of these guys are not hunters they just show up try to drive a few deer, in the mean time pissing me off while I try to still hunt the area I had scouted out for months. I didn't see a single deer and I sat for hours and hours for days tried different spots still nothing. Unless I can find private land to hunt I prob wont gun hunt anylonger. I plan on saving my pennies and buying a bow!!! Sorry for the on and on complaining, I just needed to vent.
  14. I have this same thing happening around me.Its always the same excuse "the guy im hunting with dropped me off and said to walk this way.He has written permission."These guys down the road will literally throw a guy out every 50 yards and tell them just start walking.Sometimes ill see 15 guys in the back of the truck.One year though I was on a stand and the guy was almost running through the woods by me.He just waved and said "were driving this be ready".I was so po'd I just sit there and not 5 minutes after he went over the hill a 11 point came running from almost the exact spot i seen the driver last,lol.I got him hes on the wall.I almost crapped myself that he slipped by them.
  15. :! ...Sometimes it is a good thing that works in your favor..The smart old bucks sometimes double back past the drivers...It's just that these drives put every deer on alert through out the whole area...The drives I have been on and seen are noisy...Run deer run.....C.L....:!
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    I personally don't care for drive hunting but as long as it's done legally and with landowner permission it doesn't bother me. The driver's have inadvertantly put venison in my freezer on numerous occasions. It isn't just the wily ol' bucks that sneak out behind the guys pushing - after the first day the does and young bucks wise up in a hurry also. I've taken some nice deer by still hunting areas that had just been driven by the sprinters - the deer often let them walk right one by and will sneak out behind them.
  17. Hey DaleM W.T. @#$%&! ;)

    You'll be hard pressed to find any threads that are posted just to complain or bitch about a subject.
  18. It's part of hunting and its a part that I enjoy I love to drive deer. You never know what is going to come out. It exciting hell I get back in shape walking the hills on Athens and Nelsonville and the people that we have gotten deer for that are still hunting a ridge or two passed us is uncountable so if you know anything about anything you should be happy that there are poeple out the that aren't lazy and will get out and move the deer in good weather and bad.

    Of course it has to be done in a safe manner and a legal one. I hunt public land and you have to expect it the usually starting on Tues or weds. So if you hunt public land quit whining and get on bored or get out of the way, go sit on a ridge.

    This past year we hunted next to some guys from Toledo one group of 8 and another of 5. by tuesday evening the group of 8 had one doe down we a group of 2 had 1 doe down long story short the group of 5 had only seen 2 deer. We invited them to drive with us on weds. morning they were leaving at noon. At noon they had 2 nice bucks and said that they had the best time ever. It was safe and it produces They said that they would be back next year. The group of 8 went home with 2 does point is when its cold and craps and they are bedding down U have to beat the bush.

    Now I bow hunt like to still hunt but there is a time and place for everything I do hate that every tom dick and harry that owns a gun comes out.
    There is a saying "to each the own" who are we to judge as long as its safe and legal.
  19. OK Wildman. I have to get in on this one. First of all, my main problem with the big driving groups is that they shoot everything they see, Fawns, Does, Button Bucks, Trees, Hunters, Cars. The idiots up here always wound a ton of deer. They wounded 4 in the drive on me alone. Yes some deer made it through, but they didn't recover a single deer that they wounded. These guys are like a bad John Wayne Movie, shooting everything they see, lobbing bullets through the air just to get the deer to slow down. Some people that organize drives are very successful, I used to hunt that way myself, until I became a bow hunter. These morons up here don't respect the land, people, or the deer. Now that you got me fired up. There is a way to push deer, you just can't run through a woods and shoot at them when they are running around.
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    Although I have no proof I would bet that 99.9% of the guys shooting at running deer have never practiced shooting at moving targets - thus the large amount of wounded deer that drives produce. Some of the deer i've seen recovered on drives were only found because they had 2 or 3 of their legs either broken or blown off. I've found numerous deer over the years not found by drive hunters because if it doesn't fall right after the shot they assume they missed and don't bother to look for a blood trail.

    I'd be all for allowing hunters to legally tag a deer shot by another hunter if it meant that a group of drivers put their sharpest and most talented shotgunners on post and let the once a year gunslingers do the hiking.