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can't believe I never saw this section before!

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by Banker, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Banker

    Banker Banned

    Comedy corner that is. I guess I'm just a "too-hard-core" fisherman who never had enough time to laugh (I had to learn up on fishing). While I have yet to read anything, I'm rweally looking forward. rweally rweally (that was originally a keystroke error but it looks cool so I decided to go with it in case you haven't realized it at this particular moment in time.

    OK so as not to waste a post.....

    Horse walks into a bar....bartender says...."why the long face" maybe just a l....well maybe not.....ok so 90% of you have probably already heard it...I know only one joke (can't seem to remember those really funny ones told around the campfire for some odd reason)that I think is funny but it needs to be acted out....maybe when I'm extremely bored (which I seem to be a lot lately seeing as how I went from 0-100 posts in amonth)...I'll try to type in involves a car accident, a boulevard and a human head....anyone think they know it?

    seeing as how funny I am look for my new "posts in this forum the most" percentage to go up and overtake central now i'm at about 1 out of 130.....give me a month and I'm sure it will be 131 out of some more.....gotta go read my first joke from the CC.....