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    We bought a canoe last year and those strofoam no skid blocks to put on it...

    They work 'ok' - but if you have a strong cross wind, rain, or a big semi come rolling by you... You could lose the canoe... We about lost it a few times on 36/37.

    The canoe is a little to wide for the car that we currenly use to haul it on therefor it doesn't sit great...

    We want to do more fishing this year in other places other then Alum creek once in awhile... Like Hoover, or Findlay... But you have to get on the freeway/65 mph zones to get to those places... And I don't trust the damn thing up there going to those places...

    THe car doesn't have a roof rack, or anything on top of it... We currently use 2 tie downs... front and back...

    What could we build or buy to help stableize the thing? I was thinking about going to buy some wood and making like a huge box type deal to put on top of the roof so it sits flush...

    Any help, would help.

  2. Years ago I had a 12ft flat bottom boat and I hauled it on top of a 1987 Honda Accord. I went to Pep Boys and bought a 2 bar luggage rack that I put on top of the car. Then I just used rachet tie down straps for both sides and also for front and back. That boat didn't move a bit.........Just a thought.....................Rich

  3. I know lil-rob hauls his canoe on top of his truck with the styrafoam blocks and he uses an aditional strap that goes thru both doors and over the top of the truck and the canoe.. the doors close fine and that thing doesnt budge... also put a couple of twists in the straps and they wont vibrate and hum going down the road...
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    Guessing he is using 3 tie dows... back, front and center?
  5. yup... 3 tie downs..... We have taken it duck hunting several times on interstates at 60mph and no problem... could have gone faster but why push it....
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    I also am hauling a big canoe on top of my Pathfinder and have had the same happen to me untill I wised up & put a rack on top & started throwing a 3rd strap on the middle, I still get wiggle but it is on solid. Good luck
  7. The best canoe hauler I ever had was an old utility trailer that I extended the tongue on! We'd even lay boards sideways on it so we could haul two canoes side by side. Think about that before you lay out a bunch of cash on roof racks ect. Much easier to load too! Speaking of's a "what if" for ya! (I use the blocks too) What if... since you say your roof isn't wide put some pipe between the blocks, with the the pipes lining up along the edge of the roof. Next, lay a couple of 2X4 pieces that are wide enough to support the canoe crossways. Would that give you more support under the canoe? Just a thought.
  8. Chippewa was just a bit off...I only use 2 ratchet straps. Like he says, I have a F150 with a cap, so my 17' fiberglass canoe has plenty of truck under it once in place. The foam blocks end up being about 2' from the back end of the canoe and about 3-4' from the front, which hangs over and down my windshield about 2'. Wish I had some better pix.

    For the first strap, one end attaches to homemade-bolted on metal bracket on the rear of the canoe (used to attach a trolling motor) and the other end goes around the hitch on the rear of the truck.

    For the second strap (really 2 put together because a single isn't long enough in my case), it is routed over the front end, bottom of the canoe, just before it starts its vertical rise and goes through the opening of the front doors. The actual ratchet portion get cinched up inside the truck over head between the seats. Once in place, close the leaks in my case.

    Like Chippewa said, make sure you put a couple of twists in the strap...remember putting a blade of grass between the joints in your thumbs and the noise it would make if you blew through!

    All this doesn't take very long with two guys. I ratchet down both sets just to the point where the foam blocks start to compress. Once done, like Chippewa says, that puppy doesn't move...doesn't make much noise...doesn't mar-up the finish on the roof...nothing.[​IMG]