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    i have the same size s-pal canoe and i use a 52 # minn kota, one battery and it works fine by myself i have to take it easy on full power on sharp turns but no problem . i had a older one yrs ago and i have put a 3hp jonson on the side mount and that worked good two,i sold that s- pal about ten yrs ago and missed it so i went up to mich- and got another one from the factory last summer..

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    The rule is you need enough motor to cut your craft through a heavy wind, you don't want to get caught on the lake when a storm rolls in, especially with your child or wife in the boat. Course, you probably knew that and being in a canoe you can always paddle.

    It happened to me though. Being low in the terrain I didn't see it coming. It looked like the scene in Moses the movie with C. Heston. The sky just boiled. We made it to the nearest bank but had to ride it out in the woods. Later, they said the damage to the area was caused by a microburst.

    Also, be sure to secure your battery. Better yet, those little pontoon like outriggers work really well, very stabel, will not tip.