Canoe for Fishing??

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  1. Well, it looks like I'm ready to take the plunge and buy a canoe. Only problem is, I don't really have any experience with which ones are good and the ones you should stay away from. So hopefully you guys can help me out.

    Main duties:
    Fishing - I would say right now mainly smaller reservoirs, ponds, and the occasional river trip.

    Paddling Only - mainly river trips.

    ability for 2 large adults
    light enough to load and haul by myself (especially when my wife comes with me)
    Stability - my wife really gets nervous when on the water, so stability is key.

    Since I will use it mainly for fishing, would like a canoe that can be upgraded with rod holders, fish finder, upgraded seats, ability to add trolling motor, and all other accessories you could think of for a nice day fishing.

    Through searching, I've found some canoes that are stated as "fishing" canoes and then all other types. I have found that these "fishing" canoes are a lot more expensive than others. So, I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions on just a regular canoe that would be good for fishing and that I could add fishing accessories to, like rod holders, motor, etc...

    I am definitely on a budget, but would like to do it right the first time so I don't regret my decision.

    Also, since I am new to the whole boat/canoe fishing scene, I am curious about trolling motors and fish finders/sonar, etc.. What's a good trolling motor? How long will a single battery power the motor, all that kind of info. Also, are there any suggestions on fish finders/sonar that would be a good/valuable addition but doesn't break the bank?

    I appreciate everyone reading this and hopefully some individuals who know about this kind of stuff can point me in the right direction..

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    i have a pelican from dicks, less than $300 and made from ram-x plastics. light but stable, 15 foot. also pm sent

  3. The wider the better for stablility.
    I have a rouge river 14 foot I use for duck hunting and fishing.
    It hauls 750 pounds and rated for a 2.5 HP motor.
    This canoe can be upgraded.
    Remember the higher you sit up in a canoe, the less stable it becomes.
    Go look them over at gander.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I'm going to head out this weekend and take a look at them.

    Could you guys give some info on the trolling motor? Will a motor/battery be able to last an entire day out on the water with a lot of use? How big of a motor would I need for an average canoe?

    And what do I need to look for in a fish finder? Brands, features, etc...

    I appreciate all the help so far...

  5. i'm looking also and from what ive read the The Old Town® Guide 14-ft 7-in canoe that they are selling at dick's is about the best your going to find for the money plus it's on sale right. the pelican is cheaper but has a ton of bad reviews.
  6. Remember to watch the weight you going to put in the boat and will you be able to maintain balance as well?
    If you buy a 2.5 HP electric motor, you will need a lot of battery to run it all day.
    It takes more power to make the prop turn as it does a smaller electric.
    Mine lasts till the battery get down to 55% then conks out from not enough power in the battery to make the prop turn. I put a smaller electric on it immeditly after the big ones poops out and can run the smaller motor a long time.
  7. Okay, here is what I have come up with so far.

    Dicks has the Old Town Guide 160 for about $600.

    I've read some reviews over on forum, and it seems to get good reviews. Has anyone had any experience with this canoe?

    It is a bit heavy though, old town says 82#..

    Would this be a good starter canoe that I could put a trolling motor on? Mainly would use for reservoirs, ponds, and an occasional river trip..

    I'm still up in the air on this decision. The price is what I like about this canoe, along with its stability. If anyone has any opinions on this, it would much appreciated.

  8. thats the one i'm getting.
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    I have an Old Town Stillwater 12. It is very stable for fishing with 2 people. I use a 36lb thrust electric motor and it seems to do a fine job. I don't think you need sonar/fish finder for canoe fishing, but that's just me. Get a couple seatbacks to make the seat more comfortable.

  10. pizza


    just don't mount the big plastic molded seats in canoes, especially in the front seat. There is very little room for much gear in the front seat and reaching around to get something with a big plastic seat is a royal PITA. Haven't experimented with the smaller folding seats, they probably are ok.

    I've got the smaller OT guide (great canoe), 36 ftlb, and large marine battery. I've fished 10 hour days without draining the battery.

    And if you do put in "add-on" seats with backs, the decreased stability will be noticable. Just the 1-2" they raise your center of gravity makes the canoe noticably less stable.

    A cut off 2X4, a couple c-clamps, and a trolling motor work fine on the OT guide. For the 16 foot guide, I'd get a 40 ft lb motor.