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Canoe fishing tricks

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by RWBlue, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I know there are people here that have been fishing for a lot longer than I have been. Assume you have figured out a few tricks along the way to make you life easier. I would appreciate any tricks you have figured out and/or critique and improve my tricks.

    A good paddle is worth it weight in gold. I am now paddling with a Mitchel Surreal and a Mitchel shop special. The Sureal has a carbon fiber blade and wood handle. When I am on open water this is what I will have in my hand. The weight difference between my old cheep paddles and these new paddles means I not lifting and moving approximately a ton every day I go out. Trust me on this, the ounces do add up. In addition the blade design on the shop special improved the amount of water I can move with each stroke. The Surreal further increases the amount of water I can move vs. the shop special or cheep no name brand paddle. Go with a good paddle, it is worth the money.

    Second tip
    When I pull a fish out of the water, I want to know how big of fish is right away. The quickest, easiest method I have figured out was to buy a pre-marked sticky backed paper ruler for around $5 and stick it to the back of one of my wood paddles. This way I can quickly lay the fish on the paddle and know approximately how long it is.
  2. I had a net that had a ruler in it. Just net the fish, lay it in the bottom of the canoe, and as you are taking out the hook, you had a measurement!

    Wooden paddles are good and lightweight to. Probably not as expensive as the carbon fiber, but wont hit the wallet to bad if you loose it!

    You can mount the cheapo rod holders that you would hang on your wall in the middle of the canoe on the gunnels. Then have a small bungee that would go over them to keep your rods secure and out of the way. Therefor you can take more rods out, not worry about loosing them, and not have to retie all the time!

  3. After re-reading my comments, I want to clarify them.

    I am not bashing wood paddles. I am bashing the CHEEP wood paddles I originally bought with my canoe. The newer wood paddle $55 is light years ahead of the $15-30 paddles I originally bought with my canoe.

    I should also state that the Carbon is great for open water, but a little fragile for a general-purpose paddle. I have a couple of good scratches in mine and I have been trying to be careful with it.
  4. I saw one of those paper rulers stuck on the cross bar of a canoe in front of the back seat. Thought that was pretty cool, didn't know where to get them though. Have you seen them in any stores? I've had my canoe since i was 13, back around '80.. still have the original aluminum paddles. Certainly not as efficient as new stuff on market, but get the job done i guess. Sometimes not having used the new stuff, i don't know what I'm missing (aka ignorance is bliss :) lol