Canoe fished for the first time today

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  1. My girlfriend and I went out today and decided to try canoeing. Of course I brought along my fishing gear because of all I have read today. we were dropped off at the narrow and canoed 2.something miles. I caught one real nice smallie and 4 dinks and 4 rock bass. Did a lot better then I ever thought I would do first time. Couldn't really locate the fish really well. Any advice for that stretch. I am anxious to try it again. I know structure and deep water, but that's about as far as I go. Thanks
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    You may find success with smallies above and below ripples. Slow "dead" water isn't usually too productive (for me). Locate the eddies off the riffles at the bottom, they'll hang out there. Today I hit the same stretch. I had a really nice smallie on fighting hard and my knot broke. Always check your knot after fishing awhile! I was so mad at myself.