Candy Squeedlefish

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  1. I call this a squeedle because it's a squid based on the needlefish profile I do.
    It's made of oak, about 7" long, and weighs about 3 ounces. I set my needles up to sink in a horizontal position or with the nose ever so slightly up and shoot for about a foot per second sink rate.

    This was an experiment where I was trying to learn about candy and transparent colors and layering epoxy. I also wanted to see if I could achieve a finish that had some depth and dimension. I underweighted the plug to try to account for the additional layers of epoxy. Time will tell onthat part...

    To fill the oak after sealing, it took two epoxy coats, each sanded smooth. Then I did a base coat of gold, with an additional layer of copper on the back and some diagonal stripes down the side of the plug, a layer of epoxy, a layer of candy orange faded to the top of the plug, a layer of epoxy, a second layer of epoxy and a second coat of epoxy. Then I switched to a candy brandy wine red and hit only the areas with the copper base below. The color mixing of the two candies was wonderful with the resulting deep transparent red orange. The eyes were put on and two more layers of epoxy were added to finish the plug.

    After it was all said and done, I’m wondering if I could have achieved the same effect with clear Createx coats between the paint colors and then 5 or 6 layers of epoxy to finish.

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  2. Excellent work! I like that a lot.

    Question: Did you work with Createx paints or enamels? I'm not sure from your post.

  3. Createx. I'm going to have to stay away from enamals until I get a much better filtration/exhaust system in place.
  4. beautiful bait and paint

  5. The Createx stuff has a nice wide range of colors to choose from. I'm going to back to it for a while just to use those colors.