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  1. I just booked a trip to cancun. I was just wondering if anybody has done any fishing there.
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    Never fish there. The Time I went, fishing one of the last things I was thinking about.:D
    Honestly I would love to go back and fish this time. Should be a great trip though.



    same here when i went i didnt do any fishing but sure did enjoy the views on the beach though :)
  4. I was able to go deep sea fishing there. Cost around 100.00 a guy at that time. 8 hr trip. In the morning you catch your bait(pretty cool) Then head out for Amber Jack, Tuna, and Shark... Guys worked hard to get on fish.. We had 4 on the boat, the 2 guys with us refused motion pills and end up fighting one fish each and getting to sick to continue. My father and I end up reeling in 10-12 Amber jack a piece, a few Tuna each, and no takers on the shark.. It was a blast and would recommend it highly. One mistake was we didn't end up with the fish, at least a dinner out of them. They will cook them that night for dinner at a local restaurant. Ocean can get rough, so I would take motion sickness pills, there's no turning back and can ruin a day. I don't get sick on Erie in 6 footers, but I took 2 pills and still felt it a bit in those 8-10 swells.

    Amber's ranged from 20-30 pounds, they were caught out of 200 ft of water and everyone was a gut wrenching fight. AWESOME. The Tuna were caught a big flies trolled behind the boat. You actually hold on to the rod because the action gets fast, not huge fish but many 5-10 pound fish... Shark are very possible, we only spent an hour hunting, but while bringing in an Amber, I had a shark come and eat him. I ended up coming up with a head. Also managed a double header Amber, like perch fishing but reeling in over 50 pounds.
    Good Luck and have's a blast.....Also try the Scuba diving if your looking for something else to do...did it in the Hotel pool first, after that I had to go in the Ocean.... that too was a blast.
  5. My wife and and I did a 4 hour trip just south of Cancun when we were on our honey moon. It was like $250-$300 The first 2 hours we trolled, and caught probably a dozen baracuda, and a 50lb wahoo. I asked the captain if we could bottom fish for a little, so the mates cut up the baits we were trolling with (I think it they were ballyhoo) and we bottom fished. The bottom fishing was cool, we used no weight, on light tackle. We probably cought 50 fish that they called yellow snapper, that were in the 2-5lb range. and I cought a 20lb Pargo (red snapper). I have fished the ocean alot both inshore and offshore, and this trip was by far the best I was ever on. I don't think we were more than 2-3 miles offshore, right out in front of the resorts, and caught fish non stop. I think we took the charter was out of Puerto Adventuros? I know there was a big marina, a buch of shops, and they had an area were you could play with dolphins. It was close to Playa Del Carmen. Excuse the spelling.
  6. Some time back I chartered a boat (4 of us) & the guy just trolled around & we caught barracuda only. The so called Cap., did'nt do much to ever change his method's & did'nt seem to have any initiative to put us on fish. My only observation was that he had us & killed time to pacify us for a boat ride. He had us by the GONADS & what where we to do??????????????
    So this was a mediocre fishing trip for us & I would not repeat it (with the guy we had).

    Now reading some of the previous replies sounded GOOD! Like 'smallie75 & bigeye 1' mentioned, A GOOD TIME

    So get some good leads into who will work for you, It would be worth your while to take a trip or 2 & check the harbor out when boats are comming in to see their catch & talk to the people that did the actual fishing.

    REMEMBER; your in a foreign country & if you get taken there is NO RE-COURSE like you have here. Make the best of it;

    Oh, 2nd thought. Around the harbor there are a few rest., there, that will cook up yout catch for you, just give them the fish for you dinner & let them have the rest to serve other people.

    this guy is a cinci native and a good guy. last year a bunch of my family went down and everyone out on every boat caught dorado, along with a few other things. he should atleast be able to point you in the right direction