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  1. Hello

    I have a friend who I fish with locally. Recently his wife asked me to find a nice fishing camp in Ontario or Manitoba. He turns 65 next summer and it’s a retirement, get the old man out of the house for a week gift from her. I haven’t been to a sportsman show in over 25 years, so if someone can recommend a camp with some or all of the following that would be great.

    The trip would be for next year- around the 4th of July.
    He loves to fish for smallmouth bass AND pike or Muskie - the lake should have both.
    Walleyes are fine for eating but “catch & release” is the name of his boat

    He likes smaller lakes – one’s that you can see the opposite shore without too much effort.
    Distance from NE Ohio – is not a big deal –I will probably drive but we might fly.
    We have boat & motor if that is necessary or recommended.

    If you can think of a decent place with some or all of the list please let me know

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  4. NorthSouth:

    Does not look like it on the site, but does Pasha Lake have smallies? thx.
  5. Hello DS and NSOF
    thank you for your recommendations
    I will use this information as a starting point
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    I just got back today from Ontario. Stayed at a camp called Three Oak Resort, on Gordon Lake, Nice camp. Good cabins with all amenities, kitchen, full bath. like being at home. Good people run the place. The lake is the size your talking about and there are plenty of other smaller lakes around, most with boat ramps for a smaller boat. gravel ramps. we caught over 100 pike, some walleyes, and some smallies. lots of fish, not giant, but up to 30". We'll be going back. It's only about 50 miles from sault ste marie.:)
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    i would have to second Pasha Lake. I have been twice and targeted mostly walleye and pike but, from what I recall, there were plenty of smallies around. Those Cannuks just don't fish for them like we do.