Can you ice fish Darby Bend Lakes?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Scientific Angler, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anyone here knows if ice fishing is allowed at Darrby Bend Lakes. I'm assuming no but I haven't found a definitive answer yet. Any info would be appreciated. I think we may have safe ice by next week.
  2. No you are not allowed to ice fish on them. I really wish they would consider it. Same as I wish they would consider allowing belly boats.

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    There is ice in those lakes... but it never bites.
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    I remember one year - about ten years ago when the gravel company was still back there working... My dad and I stopped to test things out in that area...

    There was plenty of ice to fish, so we drilled our self 2 holes and couldn't keep our damn lure in the water... Catching jumbo sized gills ... and sometimes you'd catch 2 at a time if you had 2 lures tied on at once...

    I now fish it legally, and wonder to myself what happened to all the big fish... Did it really get fished that fast?
  5. Thanks for the info. That's unfortunate.
  6. A buddy and I the first year they were open caught some of those jumbo gills, fish were 8-10" broad shouldered bruisers, we turned every single fish we caught back, sadly we havent got any since that first year, whether they got smart, ended up in a frying pan is anybodies guess.
  7. frying pan.

    the first weekend they were open over there they had almost 2000 people fishing and the large majority keeping all that they could leagaly keep and alot keeping more. I talked to the head ranger over there about 3 weeks after it opened and he was so exicted to finaly have some good fishing on that side of town. I told him in a nice way how it was already going down hill and that I thought it would get fished out really quick. I wonder how he feels now.

    If you are good you can go catch a few bass now but man it was as prime as prime gets before it got raped by over optimistic bag limits. When you have that many people fishing there its just like fishing in a small pond, it just can't take it. Hello antrim 2.
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    The city got their hands on it , I mean why not even a Belly tube, or even a trollin motor, you can put a boat on it but ya have to oar around it, ya can drop an anchor in 50 feet of water if ya want LOL years ago my brother worked the pits and ya could even put your bass boat in there on occasion, don't think they allow LIVE baits either. As usual there are the folks who take everything they can get away with. There were some NICE smallies and Crappies in there along with some pigs of Bass, knowin if they get caught you can kiss them goodby also. Oh well!
  9. where are these lakes ur all talking about?
  10. Off of Amity Rd..between Beach Rd and Price Hilliard Rd.
  11. Praie Oaks? I myself havent had luck in canoe or land and same goes for the beach road pond. Any help on what to do and use? I think it was 2 years ago a guy at gander told me it was a waste of time that it was fished out. And a heads up there gonna be opening another pond(s) in harrisburg right off 62 in town there used to b a horse riding stable there.
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    You can catch plenty of 9" crappie in there....

    Plenty of the 6-7" Gills...

    And smaller LMB.

    And a Perch or 2.

    The Gills used to be bigger... 8-9" range and crappie were always pushing 10-11" with a few 13"+ but they've all been weeded out...