can you buy a sawhorse?

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I need a sawhorse so that I can hang an outboard motor on it. I don't care to make one, but would rather just buy one. Anyone know where I might find them for sale?

  2. bassn317

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    Lowes, home depot, etc. Most are the tough plastic types though.

  3. plastics and metal are the most common, you can also get just the brackets and put 2x4's in them or get metal legs and place a 2x4 in between them

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    thanks, i will hit home depot this week.


    p.s. this is why i love the site. within 60 seconds I had an answer.
  5. ShakeDown

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    Ahh the memories...

    I had an aircooler gamefisher too, used to run that thing on sawhorses inside of a garbage can :D If memory serves, sucker made a chainsaw see quiet!
  6. crankus_maximus

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    I just built one with 2 or 3 2x4's/ I made it specifically for holding 2 motors. My outboard and a trolling motor. Make sure the thing is steady. My outboard weighs around 70-75lbs.
  7. Ben. I used a dolly with a board mounted to it. Kept the motor upright and was easy to move around. Just wheel it to the back of the boat and put it on.
  8. AndroDoug

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    Yeah Flash, go to Home Depot. They are in the "tool" dept near the wrenches and levels. It is right in the middle of the store just off the front aisle, near the end of where the registers are. They come in 2-packs and are about 5 bucks. You need to buy 2 2x4s about 6-8 ft long. Cut the legs all the same length you desire and stick them in the slots. Put screws in the holes in the bractes and into the wood to make the saw horse a little more permanent and stable.
  9. smallieguy

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    Made my own motor mount out of 2x8s and studs in the walls of my
    garagewith some 4'' deck screws. Holds up my outboard just fine. :D