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  1. Is it still possible to get a small boat on Peidmont, with these cold days & nights we've had? I wouldn't mind try'n to get down there this weekend if ya' don't have to you an icebreaker to get out!!!! THANK YOU if anybody could help me out!!!:confused:
  2. as of today most evrything is froze up pretty solid down here on seneca. i reckon piedmont is the same...but we're supposed to get an inch of's hard to tell what will happen.

  3. drove past there yesterday and there were a few trailors there not sure if thy were hunting or fishing.yes:B
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    You can only launch at the marina if you back in where the pontoon docks should be. Or you can launch by the rest area but no matter which you better have a 4X4
  5. Couldn't make it down for the last weekend of the year, but there's a chance I might be able to get there sometime during the 1st weekend of '09. Just as long as she isn't iced over by then!! I'd just like to cruise around and take some pictures and do some treasure huntin'. Somethin' to do! THANKS AGAIN for replies and Semper Fi!!!!
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    I was there Wed. You can not launch from the rest area, it looks like some one dug it up. If you have a boat you handle without backing in a trailer you can get in. They are hitting if you can get in.