can we be any worst?????

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  1. as a die hard Browns fan i am truley disgusted to watch them any longer!! there is NOTHING to look forward to next year and or beyond...we will not get the front office streightened out in the off season let alone find a game plan that works!!!! i have NEVER been a fan of any other team...i think i will either quit watching or maybe become a fan of the lions...atleast they might improve next year!!!!:mad:
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    I hear ya man!! I got up early to go after steelhead this morning and I'm laying on the couch, can barely keep my eyes open but I can't let myself fall asleep!! For some reason I have to watch this crap. Next week should be a real joy to watch, at least it's the last game, lol!!!

  3. this is awful........ foul football... foul....

    Back to tying flies....

  4. They have the Least Dynamic Coach in the NFL.
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    Theres hope because he will be gone soon.:)
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    Its a shame you mortgaged alot of your future(draft picks) for this year. How did that work out for you?

    Go Bengals!
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    I'll take Shaun Rodgers for any 3rd round rookie! Corey Williams...not so much!
  8. my cable went out in the third quarter. im trying to fiure out if dorsey was so damn awful why didint cribbs take over at qb? what a coach we have :mad:
  9. we'll be fine next season. Get people back healthy, get rid of Lewis. Bring in a new staff and GM. We're not about to make a super bowl run or anything, but this team will be at least competitive next season. We'll get Curry or Rey in the 1st round... guys like that can turn a LB squad around quick.
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    There is plenty of reason for hope. This team has a LOT of talent. They have a terrible coach who will be gone soon. They just need to fill a few holes and they will be right in contention for the division.

    LB - McGinnest has to go
    DL - just get some guys healthy and improve the rotation and it should be fine
    DB - need a corner and a safety(upgrade over McD & Poole - solid backups)
    OL - need a right tackle and a right guard
    RB - need a game breaker(moving on without Lewis and Wright - maybe retain Harrison as a #2)
    WR - need someone opposite Edwards(dissappointing yr but he can bounce back - Stallworth is the REAL failure of this group).

    That should do it.

    I hope the new coach will bring in a defensive coordinator that knows how to employ a 3-4 defense. You do not read and react and play cover 2 behind a 3-4. This defense is so vanilla and predictable it is laughable. That is why you are seeing really bad football at this time of year. The defense also looks terrible because the offense that is in there now can't get a first down. I still think Savage is a solid GM. I hope he doesn't get fired as well. However, he better STOP trading away picks. I would actually like to see him gain a pick or two by trading either Winslow or Edwards or both.
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    I heard a rumor on the radio late last week that said.....IF Scott Piolli (sp?) comes to Cleveland from New England, Romeo might be kept as coach and Savage would be the odd man out. How about that scenario!!??

    I don't think the fans would really be to fond of that decision.
  12. I agree with that, what did they give for him a 3rd and McCutchen?? a steal for a Pro Bowl DT, a 3rd string QB gave us the first 7pts(Bengals fan here) other than that we went on one scoring drive, Benson had 171 yds but 46 came on one carry..that means he only rushed for 125 on the other 37 carries...workmanlike..but unspectactular, reminded me alot of last years game in Cincy when Anderson threw a couple costly picks that was basically the difference in the game...had Dorsey not threw that first pick to Hall or the one to start the 2nd half when they were driving it might have been different.

  13. Kind of contradictory there. Trading Edwards would be a colossal mistake. The guy has almost 900 yards receiving in a year where he's seen three starting QBs and dropped more balls than a fluff chick in a porn movie. We need to keep him and Winslow. I know plenty of people disagree with me on that, but you can't just replace those guys with draft picks.

    I am 100% behind the idea that we need help at RB, and even thought I can't stand Ohio State, I'd be more than happy to see Beanie in a Browns jersey. I do, however, think you're more likely to see the Brownies take Malcolm Jenkins or one of the three top-flight LBs in the first round (Maleuga, Curry, Laurianitis)
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    reggie rucker blasted the team on tv last night on tv. he said dorcy has been backup for 7 years and what are we paying him for ? 7 years and thats all he can do?plus all the other cry babies?. at least detroit does get touchdowns.
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    You're where I was 12 years ago.:p The final nail in the coffin was moving the team. Haven't been back since and I don't care how many losing seasons they have.
    Now repeat after me three times...There is life without football. There is life without football. There is life without football.

    Now don't you feel better? Let's go fishing. There's steelhead and the spillways are running.
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    Yeah, I still think Edwards can be a good player for this team. However, if another team made a great offer it would be worth considering given the mental lapses and inconsistency Edwards has shown throughout both college and pro to this point. Winslow is a cancer to the the team. Similar to the way Shockey was to the Giants. If we could get a 3rd rounder for Winslow then I say Super!!!!!

    I agree with you that they will likely target Jenkins in the 1st round. I also look at Ray Mauluga(splng?) of USC and see him as a difference maker. Kind of like Polalmalu is for the Steelers. I would be pleased if they got him in the first round. Not a lot of picks in this draft and I don't think the RB pool will be very deep.

    Mabye get Ray in the first round, target a RB next and then get a some OL help after that. Address the defensive backfield through free agency for this year. Just hope they don't over pay. That would really go along way to making this team a contender.
  17. I do think we are worse than the Lions. As said above, at least they score touchdowns! At least they look like a NFL team! We look like a bad high school team.

  18. We don't pay dorsey to play football, we pay him because he's as smart of a qb as there is, he is more of a qb coach then a player and everyone knows that.

    Getting rid of Edwards would be a huge mistake, and give Williams another year b4 we all say we made a mistake getting him, hes been hurt for the most part of the year , and hes alot better then what he has showed so far.
  19. I also disagree on the comment of getting rid of Edwards and Winslow. Both of these guys are play makers. We get rid of them then what do we have left?...Stallworth and Heiden. If that happens, then all of you will be on here complaining about how the QB doesn't have anyone to throw too. Though Winslow likes to run his mouth at times, I still think he is a benefit to the team (if he can only stay healthy).

    Look, this team has a lot of potential. We have had to deal with more injury this year than any other team. Anderson, Quinn, Winslow, Williams all have been hurt. I really believe a new HC who can instill some type of disapline and conditioning would really make this team a contender.
  20. the bengals have the most starter injuries in the NFL...heard it on TV so it must be true!:p