can someone tell me why!!!!

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  1. i would like to know why "some" bass fishermen have to cross your lines or get so close to your lines they snag them in their trolling motors?every tuesday i get lines crossed or snapped by these tourny fishers at seneca lake and its really pissing me off knowing that they dont give a crap about the ppl on the banks then when you say something to them about it they make it sound like they belong there fishing and you dont......these ppl in my eye's need to grow up and respect the next guy if they are in a boat or bank fishing!!!!and i was wondering if any of these guys go to the marina the day after waigh in to see the dead bass floating around the water from the stress of being in a live well all day then takin out of water for the waigh in i just dont understand i guess!!!!
  2. When I started reading this I thought it was going to be about Alum Creek .......... same thing there, but I'm in a boat & it's just as bad. Asked a couple guys last year if they just wanted to tie off to my boat & save their batteries since they wre almost hitting me. Basically same reply.

  3. i just dont understand i swear one day im just gonna tie a 3 oz sinker to one of my lines and start hitting these idiots with has got to happen to me or my wife or even the kids bobber rods every tuesday!!!!ooooo,,,just for the record its not every bass fisher and i know its not tuesday yet i'm just venting early cause i will be fishing tomorrow;)
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    Same reason "some " bank fishermen cast completly across a channel and block the flow of traffic, and "some " bank fishermen leave all their trash behind, etc , etc. No matter if you are a boater or a tourny bass fisherman there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch
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    Keep an el-cheapo rod spooled up with some steel wire line with you and let them get it in their electric motor.
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    To answer the question of 'why?' I would have to say that its due to the decreasing number of people that have the phrase 'common courtesy' in their vocabulary. Its sad, but very true.

    I've been landlocked all my years of fishing up until this year when I finally bought a bass boat. Orlando has it right.... there's idiots in both groups. I guess I've been fortunate so far and not had any run-ins (except for with crew teams :mad: )
  7. Hey Het, I like your idea & I have an old rod spooled up with wire !!
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    Orlando I hope they read your post.
    Last Sunday we had a tournament at Griggs and when we got there at 5:30 AM there was enough crap lying on the ground from the bank fisherman to fill a trash can. And to those that doubt this stop by the Fishinger Rd. ramp and see for yourself. This happens every weekend. There are 3 tournaments a week at this ramp and I know for the most part the tournament directors clean this up.
    So as Orlando said, don't be casting to many negatives to the "tournament" guys when the bank guys also add to the problem. I will agree there are some tournament teams that could give a s**t about any other fisherman and make an ass of themselves. This makes the other good guys look bad.
    I can show you both types as well as the good and bad bank fisherman.
    Somehow we need to reach a happy medium but I think we all know that is going to be hard to do. Causing someone to damage their motor isn't going to solve anything. Why not try to be civil and maybe talk to the director of that tournament and express your feeling and problems. Doing something to damage someone property can be a criminal offense. If you don't think so- call the local police and check for your self. You can solve this without making it a bigger problem. MOST tournament directors don't know about this unless you tell them. Get a boat number and description and try to settle it in a grown up manner.
  9. I agree with showing coutesy, BOTH sides on this one. The only time I have a problem with shore anglers is when navigating a channel, river, port, etc etc, and they have bobbers and/or bottom rigs cast out into the middle. I have had talks with people who decide they want to yell and tell me I am number 1 and the like when I run over their lines or they have to reel them in. They seem very tough until I dock the boat and walk back to talk to them about navigating a channel and the laws against obstructing traffic. Seems that face to face they understand better and lose the attitude.
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    Excellent advice.

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    OSU Fisherman has it right. There is a steady erosion of respect for other people in this country. Whether it's "road rage", the cashier at the gas station talking on a cell, or fishermen on and around the lake, we are becoming a society of "me first, second and last".:mad:
  12. I agree there are rude people on both sides of the coin, people that are jerks in a boat were probably jerks on the bank before they got a boat, a few weeks ago my son and I were up on the lake trolling, we were trolling along there when all of a sudden a guy pulls out directly in front of us and starts to set up:confused: I mean we are going along about 2mph and this guy is directly in front of us about 150yds away, our captain leans around the side of the boat and throws up his arms and blows his horn but the guy acted like he didnt hear him or care Im not sure, about a hr or so later the guy comes trolling by us pretty dang close in my mind, so he was obviously a guy who couldnt care less about fellow boaters around him.
  13. My exact thoughts ;)
  14. I think dueling pistols is the way to go. Eventually the laws of Darwin would win out. Sactions against duellng have allowed too many jerks to propagate.IMO.
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    They think they are "Pros" ! LOL What a joke !
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    About a year ago I was going down the Black River while a bass tournament was going one. One of the boats as they approached me the passenger pointed to the far bank and the driver picked up their speed and cut right across my bow. I had to put the boat hard in reverse or I would have hit them. I wanted to turn around and give them a few choice words but I had the feeling it would have be going to deaf ears.
  17. i understand that there are idiots on both boats and shores and alot of bank fishermen do lieve trash on the ground as well as i have seen boaters throw cans and trash into the water which is worse???but seneca is a big lake and there are alot of coves and areas that bank fishers cant get to that hold alot of bass....what im tring to say if you see someone on the bank and you can avoid their lines the just simply do it dont get you panties in a bunch and be rude to the next man just cause you are tring to win a tourny if the money is that importent keep your money that you have and dont get into the tourny
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    I carry a small loud boom box and when someone gets too close up goes the volume. Primus played loud will usually drive most away and I can't hear a word they say. If you have small kids along it would be a great time to teach them how to skip rocks!!
  19. this does work, although I tend to go with Metallica!

    Of all the things this thread has covered, I agree there are "those people" in both shoreline and boaters, but the NUMBER 1 thing that I can't stand are people fishing or swimming at the ramp!! This seems to happen alot at the Mounds Campground in Brookville and most people, as soon as you pull onto the ramp, will get out of your way. BUT, to those that think a boat ramp is your personal swimming hole........GET OUT OF THE WATER!!!! It's a great way for a kid to get hurt slipping on the ramp and smacking his/her head in shallow water anyway and I just can't understand why DNR does not say anything when they drive by and see it?!?!?!?!

    The other one, people who think a ramp is a fishing hole....I could care less if you walk out and put a line in....reel it in when there is a boat- is that too much to ask? And get your chairs, bait....everything else off the's for boats! I actually had a guy fishing off the ramp dock one day, did not move, just looked at me while I was getting ready, started to reel in as i got in the truck and so I started son walking the rope...this idiot makes a cast with a bobber right across the ramp?!?!? I just kept backing in. Floated the boat, pulled out, came back to find this guy talking to my son about his catches....ok, whatever, he's a nice guy....had one rod out each side of the dock across both I push off because i don't want line in my prop - reach in and start to grab his bobber......"oh, sorry, is that in the way" he says.......grrrrrrr

    ok, off the soap box! :D
  20. i understand everything you are saying about fishing off of the docks and swimming thats just stupid....but when i do fish at the seneca lake marina i fish to the side and lieve the ramps and docks alone for the boaters to pull in and out.....but some how some way some boater finds a way to get my lines!!!!