can someone please tell me what this animal is

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  1. ok my wife hits the oddest things in her can last year she hit a last night she hit something that looked like a farret but a really dark brown like a was longer then a farret i was gonna get a pic of it but when i started getting close it took off running....i was think maybe a mink but im not sure if they exsist in these parts
  2. I'd be willing to bet it was a mink. I've seen at least 2 dead mink in the last week (central OH). The must've come out of their dens during that last warm snap.

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    I cast my vote with NET........sure sounds like "mink" to me .......I live on a creek and over the last 14+ years have had some set up residence right in my side yard............Age old saying......"just cause you dont see it dosen't mean it's not there"........they are a beautiful animal to see and behold in the wild........ since it ran off as you said, it just might survive.....lets hope so....
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    weasel ???????????
  5. im sure it was now i just wasnt sure if they was in ohio or not.....the area we seen it in was near wills creek in byesville and everything around it was flooded so im guessin it was out do to the water.....i seen it at night but the was the light hit off the fur and everything it was a beatiful animal that was my first time seeing one so it was like wow what is that....but thanks guys it was bugging me to know what it was i hope it did live another day
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  7. Another vote for a mink; probably running the creek banks on the hunt.
  8. In these parts it would have been a Mink. I used to get a lot of them when I trapped the creek between Cambridge and Byesville. Must of missed one. LOL
  9. a beaver AND a minx???

    Holy crap - what does your wife drive a DUCK BOAT????

    HAHHAHAHA! Tell her NOT to take an african safari and let her drive!
  10. Mmmm, I like mine with lots of hot sauce. Or is that a Challupa :confused: :D
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    same thing, especially if you're eating at taco bell!
  12. TT, ever hear of the Green Lantern? is it still there?:D :D
  13. hahahaha.....buddy i dont know whats the deal with her driving i just know it scares the crap out of me the sad thing is i think the beaver could of been avoided but then again it was night and foggie and that thing was almost 60 you hit something that big i dont know i just know im in the car before her and im out after she is!!!!
  14. sounds like a minks to me to have alot of em here along the lakefront cool little guys.. heres a pic i took while fishin the headlands longwall

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    You don't mention the size for sure. It was probably a mink because they are actually fairly common. The only other thing I could think of fitting the general description would be a River Otter. A mink is around 2 feet long and an Otter would be 3 to 4 feet including the tail. The Otter is much less common anywhere in Ohio.

    Here's a pic.


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    HaHAHa you guy"s are a blast, about the animal targets with "her" driving. Hope that will not effect the "deer herd numbers in your part of the state. Was mentioned, hitting some thing as big as a beaver.... not hard to believe ....when almost 30,000 deer get "wacked" on Ohio highways and thats only the reported ones.......Hope the deer dont start getting in her way.........I sure dont care to see anyone get hurt......Be the case, I'd rather see her.........hit the small stuff......if any thing at all.....................Best of Luck........
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    haha this cracked me up
  18. hahaha.....buddy for some reason the deer are smart enough to stay off the road when she is driving its everyone else they take the chance hit 5 deer last year in a couger and only busted a headlight cover and put a dent small enough for me to push out with my she hit the beaver we had to replace the whole front bumper of her keep telling her to get a truck so the little fellas had a
  19. I say a jackelope or a snipe! Beware of the mountain lions stalking them!