Can I use my portable (summer) fishfinder?

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  1. Hey guys - I've yet to ice fish but thinking of giving it a go this weekend so don't shoot me for the novice question here...but I have a humminbird portable color fishfinder that's designed for open water use. I'm wondering if it would be of any use out on the ice? I know it's not going to be as targeted of a tool as the ice fishing flashers etc, but I'm assuming it will work for depth at least...anything beyond that?
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    Im not sure if it would work or not due to the cold freezing the LCD screen up.

  3. That is what i do. I have a lawnmower bat. and it will work if you have some water on the ice or just drill the hole and check if you are where you want to be. I use a hummingbird prana its not a portable but i gave it a base and it works good.
  4. Good point about the lcd getting slow/freezing and good to hear someone has some success with a similar setup. I guess there's only one way to find out, just would rather take as little as possible out there that I don't need. I think I'm going to go check it out this weekend assuming my rods show up. Hoping for decent weather as I'll be shantyless..maybe the quad will provide some wind blocking. Is there any sort of rule about parking quads/sleds away from your fishing area/shany for weight purposes or do most folks leave them right there where they fish? I know that might sound silly to those with experience but I'd rather ask stupid questions from the warmth of my home than find out later with a chilly dip in erie ;)
  5. Before my Vex, I used an Eagle Stratus Pro and rigged the transducer to a homemade base and it worked great for me.
  6. Similar to Pymmybob, a few years back I took my dads 1970 Sears Gamefisher flasher, rigged it to a homemade wooden container witha a motorcycle battery and a homemade rig to hold the transducer over the hole. Gotta break down and get a vex but this old guy still gets me a lot of fish.
  7. Well at least I have the fact it's portable going for me so I don't have to rig anything's all contained in a case...battery, trans, display etc.. my only though is the transducer might swing around down there in the hole..somehow doubt I can suction cup it to the ice. I'm sure I'll figure something the end of the day fishing is about feeling not seeing anyway right? ;)
  8. Put some double sided Velcro on the inner part of the cup, then attach it to a short piece of 1x2. It'll stay put...then you have to figure out how to keep the slat from falling over...and one of the best ways that I've seen was a guy put a 2nd bucket near the hole, drilled a hole in the bucket and slatboard, then put the board on the bucket with a bolt, measured so that the transducer was just under the ice. weeds interfering with the signal, so will slush. Turn the mode to manual and also turn off the Fish ID.

    This isn't my info..just what I've been told over the years.