Can Goodyear make a decent tire anymore?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by UFM82, Sep 5, 2008.

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    I'm telling you what- I'll NEVER have Goodyear tires on any passenger vehicle I own ever again. I've had nothing but bad luck with them over the years and now I'm stuck with them again.

    I had a 1988 Taurus with Invicta tires on it from the factory and at 28,000 miles the left rear tire slipped a belt. You could feel it at slow speeds; like the tire had a flat spot. It vibrated at highway speeds almost like an out-of-balance tire woould but it got better the faster you drove. The tires were replaced ( both rears only) and they made it 22,000 before the right rear did the same thing. This time the tire was so bad that when you drove at 5-10 mph the whole rear-end of the car would sway back and forth. I took the Goodyears off and tossed them and put Michelins on it and the problem never returned.
    I purchased a 1996 Taurus after that car and it had Goodyears on it when I bought it with 19,000 miles. At 31,000 the rear of the car acted just like the '88 did. After eliminating any other cause, I found that the right rear again was bad- you could see the tread actually "squirm" when you drove on it. I had no warranty on the tires as the car was purchased used so I drove the thing for another 3,000 miles until I wore the things out. I put Michelins on that car as well and never had another vibration issue.
    My parents put Goodyears on their 2002 Camry last year and one was bad from the start. They had noise and a shimmy at low speeds that was driving them nuts. The "dealer" kept rebalancing the tires, looking at suspension parts and finally told my parents that the rims were bent. (All 4!!! What a dork.) They asked me about it finally and I went off on the Goodyear tires. After an hour of getting in the manager's face, he agreed to swap out the Goodyears with a comparable set of Yoko's if we paid the labor. Fine with me and my parents said that the car had never ridden so quietly or smoothly.
    Now I have a 2006 Ford Focus that I had to buy for work. It has Goodyears on it factory (RS-6 tires or something like that) and they SUCK! Loud and rough from the get go, I now have the same derriere` wiggle that I've had before. If I put a golf ball on my back deck, you can actually see it roll back and forth at 10 mph. The car now has 27,000 miles on it and doesn't need tires as yet but you can bet it won't be Goodyears when they get replaced.

    How can a company the size of Goodyear make tires that suck in so many different applications? I now have Marathons on my boat trailer since apparently nobody makes a decent trailer tire but even Marathons get bad press. I'll NEVER own another Goodyear tire if I can help it. There, now I'm done venting. Whew!

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    i have them on my safari van now from walmart . not the invictas though. worked well for me. but my local goodyear dealer sells carlisle trailer tires go figure. i have carlisles on my trailer for 3 yrs now and no problems. but you can read all the horror stories about them on the net??? go figure!

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    My '03 Ram came with Goodyears and I got almost 70K miles out of them with no problem. Granted I drove them longer than I should have.
  4. Sorry to hear about all your problems.

    I have run the high end steel belted Goodyear tires on both trucks and a couple different cars with great performance. Heck I drove the one set on my truck for over 80,000 miles towing the boat all over and they still had some tread when I replaced them! I've never experienced any noise, vibration issues, etc. and they have lasted me forever.
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    I have run Goodyears on my truck, Explorer, and boat trailer. No problems whatsoever
  6. Whats ironic, is that I feel the same way about Michelins as you do the Good years, and it seems every dam car I buy has them on it and soon after I hafta replace them with some real tires, like Goodyears....:p


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Goodyears have treated me well over the years in my ford truck.
  8. I had oem goddyear tires on my town and country van, were worthless in snow, and totally worthless in snow at 13k miles. I'm sure they make good tires too, at a price.
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    As with all musta got a set made on a Friday...sorry
  10. Lewis


    I bought a used Jeep with Goodyear Wranglers on it with about 1/2 tread left.
    All kinds of high speed vibrations.
    I replaced them with a new set of Wranglers because I liked their looks.
    The new ones were just as bad as the old ones.
    After I wore those out,I went with Toyo tires on a reccomendation from Shortdrift.
    Man,It was like a different vehicle.
    I cant believe what a difference in smoothness and ride.
  11. Bought a Ford Sport Trac when they first came out. Also got a Eddie Baurer Explorer for my wife. Had Goodyear Wranglers on both vehicles that could not be balanced plus two slipped a belt by 22,000 on the Trac and 18,000 on the Eddie. Replaced them with Toyo and problem solved.
    As far as Carlisle Trailer Tires are concerned, I have had them on my boat trailers since 2001 and never had a problem. I do have my trailer tires balanced and watch the inflation pressure which may be a reason for my continued good experience.
  12. My dad has goodyear tires on his blazzer.No problems. I remember when I was working for an ambulance company, we coverd Nelson Ledges race track. The goodyear tire company would come out with alot of prototype tires and tires they already sell. After running the track for so long at high speeds, They would measure temp and such. They were all over them tires, then change out tires. Not only did they do racing tires, they also did consumer tires. Atleast while covering the track I got free hats and shirts for just being there.
  13. Goodyears are made in China. There is a Michelin that is made in North Carolina, and the rest of those are made in France. I couldn't find any other tire made in the US. Too many companies are using the brand recognition to sell a cheaper made product.
  14. Squid, Don't know how that can be. These guys that were testing tires were from the main plant in Akron. These guys are average American. No chinese or Japs. The tire engineers of Goodyear told me they make them in the USA.

    Anyone hear of Deman Tire? They are made here in Braceville, OH just outside of Leavittsburg/ Warren area.
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    I lost a lot of faith in Goodyear after this years Brickyard 400. What a debacle, it should of been called the Brickyard 10 x 40, because the crap tires they brought to the track only lasted 10 laps.
  16. Squid 1 must be on drugs. I live in Findlay and they make Cooper Tires here everyday of the week. Is Findlay no longer in the US?
  17. Just bought a new set of Coopers for my son's car for that very reason plus a decent tire at a price. Tire dealer mentioned they are made in Findley.
    To you guys having problems....are you rotating every 4-6 thousand miles??? If you bought a used vehicle there is no way to tell if they have been rotated. A top of the line tire that is not properly inflated or not rotated will only last about 1/2 of it's rated life.
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    I've used good year for 40 years now with out any problems with out any problem any other company didn't have. I use to fix and mount tires every day for 15 years. Have seen every tire you can name with the same complaints from people. Some like this some liked others. A belt that mas moved is usally caused by hitting something with the tire or hitting potholes. The steel belts will bend causing it to raise and shift cutting side walls out. A tire that is older like 1'2 tread will do it the easiest. Also if alignment is off it will wear the edges of the tread to wear causing it to move also.
    Noise and roughness is caused by the type of tread YOU pick. Off road or any other rough tread will cause this.
    I always prefered a fiberglass tread because they don't seem to do this as often. But be assured there is as many other brands that are returned for the very same reason. Just a trait of a steel belt
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    I've got almost 50k on a set of Goodyear Wrangler RTS on my Dakota and have had no problems. I'm not happy with their performance in snow but that is more my own personal preference than the tires fault.
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    That had a lot more to do with COT on that track than the tire. That track is always hard on tires until the rubber gets laid down. Add in the COT factor and only 3 teams tested the COT there was no way to predict what would happen. 36 races in a season and Goodyear performs well.

    By the way I really don't care for Goodyear one way or the other. I have Bridgestone on my truck now and love them.