Can anyone recommend a taxidermist?

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  1. I am looking to have a european mount done, preferrably with dermestid beetles. Can anyone recommend someone fairly local...Ohio if possible? If you have a website link can you PM me?

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    I did a search on google and there are some places that sell them for a do it yourself project. May be cheaper for you and a science project for the kids.

  3. The DIY kits are, for the most part, as waste of money. For starters, boiling is a terrible way to clean a skull. Plus, everything can be bought at the local grocery store. Since you specifically mentioned you want it beetle cleaned, I’m assuming you don’t want to boil it. There are quite a few places that you can send it in Ohio. MOA has a good reputation and does nice work.
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    Magis, you seem really knowledgeable on these subjects. So I respect your input. The kit I mentioned was a beetle kit. You can buy them and raise the beetles yourself. Is this not recommended as well? Is it a waste of money?Boiling is a bad method. I tried it once and the skull basically fell apart. Also that website you posted is not running right now, it said "new web site coming soon". Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry, I jumped the gun a bit. When I read "kit", I immediately thought a kit from Cabelas or Van Dykes (also Cabelas). They typically include simple peroxide and washing soda, but charge inflated prices. Plus, it involves boiling, which as you found out, can cause major problems. The starter beetle kits are questionable to me. Most people don't realize how much is involved in raising beetles. It takes a colony of beetles to clean skulls, so the kits really only get you started. They may do one or two skulls, but then you have to either start raising them, or get rid of them. They must be kept at optimal temperatures and humidity levels, and they prefer their meat be at just the right stage. Too dry or too old and they will do a poor job. They must be fed even when there are no skulls to do, and they must be kept free of parasites. Most importantly they must be kept contained! There is nothing worse for a collection of trophies than dermestids. They could potentially destroy a roomful of mounts in short order. The kits are fine for those wanting to start their own colony, but a very bad idea for hunters wanting to do their own skulls. In my opinion, maceration is the best option. Not only does it produce excellent results (as good or better than beetles), it is extremely easy and requires almost no money. However, it requires a strong stomach. ;)
    I noticed the site was down, but it had the phone number and address listed. I thought he may want to give them a call.
  6. What about just tying a rope to it and throwing it into a lake for the fish to clean? My buddy's dad had a buffalo ranch and that's what he used to do to some of the skulls......

    He would also tie the skull to a rope and hang it out over the pond and let the bugs/flies/maggots/insects work it thing was the maggots would fall into the pond and the fish would eat them...........biggest blue gills I've ever seen came out of that pond!!!

    Of course you'd need access to a private pond where you'd be sure your skull would be untouched........

    Then he'd bleach the skulls and sell them. My cousin bought one from him - ironic thing was that it was the same bull that charged me one day while I was feeding them ( I worked there in high school) ...........everytime I was over there I'd flick him off........hhahahhhahah..
  7. The pond method will clean the skull, but will take longer. It will also permanently discolor the antlers. Often times they will turn very dark brown or black, especially if they are left to lay on the bottom. If that happens, they will never return to normal.
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    I have been working on mine. I let mother nature do it over the summer and it still has some stuff in it but it is almost there. The only problem the metal tag rusted.