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Can Anyone Help????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. I'm asking as a favor to several of my friends at the Summit County Sheriff's Office. They are sending a detail of 10 officers to the hurricane damage area, either New Orleans or the Gulf Coast, basically wherever they are needed. They are looking for a way to be self-sufficient down there, as far as lodging, etc., and have asked me to aid them in putting out the call for assistance. What they need is a MOBILE HOME.

    I have the contact at the sheriff's office who to work out the details with, and he has told me that whoever donates WILL be reimbursed through FEMA for the mobile home. He has all the details on that.

    If anyone CAN help or even point me in the right direction on this, please PM me. Also, you DO NOT need to reside in Summit County to help them out.

    Thank you all for all the help, not only that which you've donated to my family down there, but for all those groups who you've helped out in this time of need. Again, if anyone can help or put me in touch with someone who can, please let me know.
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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

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  4. My gosh I would think the RV dealerships in Summit County would be lining up to help. Especially if they get a tax write-off or reimbursement of some kind. They could even put a banner on the side of their RV's and get all of that advertising. Just a thought.
  5. I know they talked with two who said "no".

    I, myself, talked with one who said he would speak with the sheriff's dept and get more info.

    I also told the RV dealer it does NOT need to be a new unit. Can be a used vehicle, but needs to be in good enough shape to make the trip to the gulf coast.

    Thanks for looking everyone. Any help or leads appreciated.

  6. If anyone would like to email me directly with info, my address is

    Or PM me and I'll get you my phone number.

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    They should be able to get one of those big expensive Motorhomes now that people won't be buying many due to high fuel prices. That would be a good way to sell one and let FEMA pay for it if they really will.
  8. I'm pretty sure they're not looking for top-of-the-line, loaded motor home. I really think they're looking for something that will get them down there, allow all or a few to live and work out of, and give them a place to be self sufficient, at least to SOME degree.

    They're not going there on vacation. They're going to help.

    Personally, if I had one, I'd do it myself. From a dealer point-of-view, it's GREAT PR, helping out and all, and they would be reimbursed, but I can see getting more info on the deal. Like I said, I do have all the contact information and can get whoever to someone who can answer those questions.

    All I need is a PM, an e-mail, and I'll put all the participants together.
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    There is a dealer at Indian Lake who is taking a bunch of campers down as we speak. The buisness name is "Happy Hallow" They may be able to help. Check information on the phone number. If you can't find it let me know. Good Luck
  10. Thanks Orlando. I'll pass on the info.
  11. Try Cruise America as they are a nation chain of rentals....

    I heard on the radio today they are donating campers to fema for relief.thry them maybe they can help you out as well.