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  1. The statewide hearings are tomorrow morning in Columbus Ohio.

    If there are any muskie fishermen here that can attend please show up and support the lowering of the daily bag limit. This is the last hurdle before it goes into effect.

    I know this is short notice but I just found out about an hour ago.

    Here is the information:

    The statewide hearing is at 9:00 AM at the Wildlife District One office (1500 Dublin Rd. in Columbus). It is an opportunity for the public to testify for or against the 2008 rules proposals.
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    Do you really think dropping the daily bag limit to 1 will make a bit of difference over 90% of the Muskie caught are released they a caught by real Muskie fisherman that are actually fishing for them. Non Muskie fisherman catch them on occasion and will keep them because it is probably the biggest fish they will ever catch even at 30 inches. You Muskie fish so tell me what are the chances of them getting a second Muskie that day I would have to say close to 0. I guess this is a move in the right direction but it will not make a bit of difference in the long run the only way to make a real difference is to set a size limit and I think the ODNR is only using the bag limit to get us off their back about the size limit.

  3. I just finished a survey in the lounge about limits and size. Nothin about Muskie though!:confused:Dont know about you but it sounds like the DNR isnt very well organized. You would think it would be easier to just post this stuff earlier on-line and keep it together. If they really wanted our opinion why wouldnt they go to the site with 12000 members. Dont get it!
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    You are right FFFFFFish !
  5. Lowering the limit on St Clair made a huge difference over the long haul. There are kill tournaments that are fished by real musky fishermen up here. I don't participate in them but a whole load of people do. It may be a different scenario in Ohio and I've never fished there but I've allways been of the opinion that lowering the limit couldn't hurt.
  6. Will it make a difference? I do not know for sure, I hope it does. Can it hurt? No.

    Anything to help protect a species (any species) is worth a try.
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    Bester those are not real muskie fisherman they are only in it for the money or just tring to make a name for them selves
    Here in Ohio at any of the muskie tournaments that I have seen if you kill the fish it will not count. Also I think if there was a kill tournament here they would need a police escort at the weigh in there are to many hard core C&R people here.
    Lowering the bag limit cant hurt and is a move in the right direction but it will not make any difference in the amount of fish that are kept the only way to protect the young fish is a size limit. Just look at the pictures that are posted on some of the bait shop walls 99% of the muskie pictures are of fish under 36 inches and how many of those end up under the rose bush at home or in the dumpster? What a waste.
  8. If you are registered with the MAL, login then click the "Statewide Catch Summary" link. The link is in the middle of the page next to the "Sign Out" link.

    Scroll down and at the bottom of the page in blue lettering is the "View Catch Graph" Click that to view a graph of the muskie catches for the last 20 years.

    After you see the graph tell me your thoughts.
  9. I'd never enter a kill tournament .. ya know once many years back, I was fishing alone in a tournament ( which will remain nameless ) and they told me I had to teather a fish on a stringer till I could get a witness to come over....
    I said " I wouldn't risk killing a muskie to win a prize. But I did fish the event

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    i think a bag limit of one would help some. why not, since it cant hurt??? according to a post at ohmc, there are some fisherman in favor of keeping the 2 per day limit, but none in favor of lowering it.. now thats just a few voices being heard, but still, all that tells me is people do like to eat them more are being kept than we think.. if we had a 45" limit we would have more than just a few pigs swimmin around....ive never fished any tournament{never will}... maybe ricks right, a smokescreen to keep the size limit issue at bay..the mal program is good, no more fffin scale samples for petes sake. all the lake data is cool to look at. what i noticed is there are fewer big fish caught than 10 yrs ago. but it fluctuates..
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    been registered since MAL went online, but hadnt looked at this til you mentioned it. What a GREAT piece of information. BRAVO to the Div of Wildlife for providing these stats !