Can Am Four Wheelers

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by mastercatman, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. We just lowered our prices on most models for end of the year blowouts!!!!!!!
  2. damn thems expensive. Too much for my poor butt.:( they need to make those things affordable for all class of people. If i could find one for 50-75 bucks a month that was 4x4 id be happy. till then only dreams

  3. For that much, you'd be lucky to get an electric kiddie atv, and it sure wouldn't be 4x4.
  4. When your the maj money maker for the family and i make 34g a year. I cant really afford one of them 7,000 dollar atvs. um 7 grand could go toward a house or an new vehicle that has less than 225 thousand miles. So extra toys in that price range just dont happen.
  5. Since I have been running the parts department for these things I have had a total of three repair parts sold for them. They just don't break down. One guy needed replacement cv boots for a 99'traxter so he got eight years out of those. Another guy bought a starter relay that he cracked while reinstalling it after cleaning. And one other guy had to purchase an extension harness to move his rectifier to a cooler location on the unit for a recall. So what I'm trying to say is that I firmly believe that they are the most dependable and most impressive quads I have ever ridden. I am doing all of this in my free time because I believe in my company and the quality of the products we sell. The design of the four wheel drive systems and the power trains are incredible and there is no competition!!!!!!!! You'll get your moneys' worth in the long run!
  6. im gonna buy a outlander 800 xt after i get and recover from back surgery