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  1. DO you all think this week end low 44 would be too cold to camp in a tent? I think it would be ok for us adults but I have 2 children as well. Do you think it would be too cold? We'd like to do some night fishing/camping.
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    Just make sure you have sleeping bags for the kids and maybe take a heater if it gets to cold. You should be fine. Once you get in the tent and get it warm you'll be fine. Have fun

  3. How old are the kids? If they are able to wear a hat all night, I would go for it. It will be COLD, no doubt, but with warm sleeping bags and a stocking cap you'll all be okay. :)
  4. They are 7 and 10. 7 yr old has trouble staying warm. today was like 75 degrees and she was cold. (she had cancer so I'm assuming that has to do with it). her temp stays about 96 degrees. where as we are 98 or so.
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    Take two of the same sleeping bags and zip them together so that they are double size. Then have you or your wife sleep with her in the double bag. If you use an air mattress lay a couple blankets on top of it for insulation before putting the sleeping bag on it and maybe a blanket on top of the bag. A knit hat is a good idea too. She’ll be plenty warm. If you use a gas heater in your tent make sure you have plenty of ventilation.
  6. I've never used a heater in a tent before. Kinda dangerous.

    The place I want to camp only allows tents or I'd take my camp/van. It has a bed. I could go somewhere else to camp but the idea was to fish right from our site at night while the kids slept. LOL we'd probably just fall asleep too.

    Good ideas on the hats and extra blankets. yeah we always take air matresses. Then bundle up together. :)

    Hoping it does not rain.
  7. My wife says Hotel 6....Sorry..I'd rather camp.
  8. I so much rather camp. I love nature. nothing better than snuggeling next to your loved one through the night then crawling out of the tent into the morning dew. You can't get that smell in a hotel. :)

    I'm not against hotels. I like them too.
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    You said you already have air beds (no sleeping on a hard lumpy cold damp tent floor) and as long as you explain to them before hand about the camping in Ohio in the spring and prepare for the cool evenings and the wearing of warm fuzzy socks and stocking caps in your toasty sleeping bag you may find yourself hearing "I wanna go camping!" next time you mention it (seriously, I listen to it every winter, all the dang long winter long - and the tent actually collapsed on them in a late season hot summer gail thunderstorm one time about 2:30 in the a.m.- was funny as heii 8).
    Just be prepared for the trip to come to a quick close if it's not working out for whatever reason ~but even more importantly be prepared to roll with it!, you might find yourself getting a hotel, packing up and driving home in the middle of the wee hours of the morning (loosing/leaving most your gear >8( or whatever may come.
    If you end up finding yourself in a position such as this, true it could turn out that the possibility to do some fish'in may be a distant memory, but the quality time, special moments, (Yes, including the struggles) ~ now those memories, they are what is truly priceless.
    (not to mention you can ground everyone if need be when you get home, ;)
  10. LOL! Been there done that! Actually no need for a hotel the camping place we're thinking about is 20 minutes from home. Why, so close? well I forgot the kids have school this sat. YEP school on a saturday! making up for lost snow days. Makes me happy, not. SO if I take an alarm clock we'll be okay.
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    Too cold? Come on, Eskimos sleep in an igloo LOL. Place some heavy blankets on the air mattress to keep the cold air from hitting them from underneath. They'll be okay.
  12. Can you park your vehicle on your site? If so, the kids could always sleep in the van you mentioned if they get too cold in the tent. Just be sure to keep a window cracked. ;)
  13. I thought about taking my RV/van. It's a van with a bed sink and toilet but the place we (I) wanted to go won't allow it and parking is not near the site. :( If we went elsewhere we could do that.

    I see they are calling for rain? That sucks.
  14. If there is electricity, take an electric heater. I use a baseboard style electric heater during December and January, when I am deer hunting. Dome style tents tend to catch less wind than cabin style tents. I have tried many methods, and the electric heater is the best for tent camping. Stay away from gas heaters. That stuff will kill ya! Good luck, and I hope you and your kids enjoy the camping trip.

    P.S. Dont forget OUTDOOR extension cord.
  15. When my son was younger, we went on a klondike with his cubscout or webelos pack. Luckily it didn't snow but the boys enjoyed camping in 30 degree temps. Dress in layers and you'll be fine.
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    Take lots of firewood..