camping near columbus ohio other than state park?

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  1. Other than state parks does anyone know of a campground that will let you stay one night only (sat august 4th?) State parks make you stay 2 nights. All i want is 1 night and I want a swimming pool and fishing. I'd like it to be near columbus or 1 hour either direction from columbus.
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    there may be a few,but the first one that comes to mind is the KOA at buckeye lake.i don't know if they have a pool,but the lake has two swimming beaches.

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    isn't there one near you,by dillon? wild bill's i think.again,don't know about the opool though,but you know the fishing is close;)
  4. personally fishing at dillon is not good. I have to shore fish and well last time I recall fishing at dillon being any good was when I was 15 yrs old. Unless someone can give me tips on fishing at dillon I'll probably steer clear of there.

    I'd never swim in dillon b/c I've done field studies in college on dillon and yuck! LOL!

    Wild bills now I never thought about camping there.

    I stayed at wolfie's once but was not impressed.
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    well,wolfe's is out then,LOL.dillon fishing can be good below the spillway.i rarely fished the lake,but have thousands of hours on the river below the dam.
  6. The only thing I can really think of is a campground at Deer Creek. I don't remember the name but it is just up the hill from the dam. I'm not sure if they have a pool or not but it's pretty cheap to pitch a tent and your dang near across the street from the lake!!
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    Here is a list of every camground in and around columbus as well as contact numbers. You can see them all on the map and use the zoom and different map features to view the camgrounds. The camgrounds listed in orange have information on the actual facilty. The campgrounds in blue just show the location, phone, and address.
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    On that map there is one called Jackson Lake. It is on Cedar Hill road just south of Lithopolis and about 20 minutes from downtown Columbus. They have a pool and a pond. Don't know how the fishing is though. It is a pretty nice place. I have not been there for years but I know a lot of the campsites are shaded.:G :F
  9. I was going to suggest this place also. It was a yearly stop for my family. We would camp here 3-4 times a summer. It was a nice place then. They have upgraded a little and have added cabins. The fishing was ok back then (8-10 years ago). I would usually get gills with night crawlers. I'm sure there are some big cats in the main pond. I'm not sure about the other pond though. I only fished it a couple of times.
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    Up by Fredericktown there is Kokosing Lake, there is a campground that was once a state campground but has since been leased to someone else. Not sure if it is still open or not it has been a few years since I have been up there. I normally like it because you can camp on the water so you can fish from your campsite. Also Kokosing river is great to wade for smallies and so on during the day.

    Not sure of the number maybe someone on here knows it.
  11. The state parks in southwest Ohio let you "walk-in" for one night. If you make reservations it has to be two days. My daughters had a slumber party two weekends ago and I threw the tent in the boat and fished Friday evening, camped and fished Saturday morning, and went home once my wife called and said the coast was clear!!:D
  12. Just wanted to say I went fishing at dillon last night 7-10pm and caught 6 small cats with shrimp and worms. I caught 3 and hubby caught 3. We'll probably fish there again sometime.

    we decided to not camp but at least I now have some places I can check out.
  13. Try Cross Creek Camping Resort. It's at Alum Creek almost directly accross the road from the State Park campground. They have a pool. The lake is a short drive. Not sure about rates but I'd guess it costs more than the state park campground.
  14. I knew about this site but b/c the info is not 100% acurate I did not use it. Once they get enough staff and actually get the owners of these companies to advertise with them then it'll be a wonderful site to utilize. I met the owners of natural resource and they are nice.
    I was refering to the natural resource website mentioned in this topic.