Camping Along Streams?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mushijobah, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Mushijobah

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    Hey Guys,

    I am looking to do a few nights camping this summer along either Scioto or Paint Creek (I don't know if Darby, or Big Nut have any streamside campgrounds). I don't neccisarily need a campground, but a place where pitching a tent would be allowable is the best bet. I know there are a few along Paint Creek, but I cannot remember the names. Can any of you guys help me out with the names/locations of any Central Ohio streamside campgrounds?

  2. That's a tough one.
    We've done some overnighters and just found a sandbar to camp on....although this weekend that could be a dangerous proposition with the rain and rising water.
    Maybe look further north to the Mohican or Koko? I know there's some campgrounds/canoe liveries along those.
    Let me think about it for a minute.

  3. Another thought would be to look outside of Ohio. Withn a 5 hour drive, you could enjoy some world class smallie fishing in WV, VA, or PA....all of which have plenty of float, camp, float, camp oppostunities.

    If you ever want to investigate some unreal water, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.

    But in the words of Captain Quint "I think we're going to need a bigger boat."
  4. Darwin

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    The dude in front is a true fisherman!!
    The other two are hanging on for their life and he has pole in hand ready to hit the slack water at the end of the rapids!!
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    Boy that looks fun! I wish I was boating, but no kayak for me until next summer probably. I like Mohican, but it isn't the drainage I want to be in for Sauger/Eyes. I plan on eating a decent amount of fish, and don't really like eating smallies. Sauger and Saugeye tend to be relatively low in toxins in comparison to other predators, and they are delicious! Paint Creek, Big Nut, Darby, and Scioto are LOADED with them...Along with some big catfish for late night fun. If all else fails, I will head to mohican.
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    that was Chief Brody, not Quint ;)
  8. striperfreak

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    try the hocking south of athens. Mostly cats with some sauger, crappies. If you want to know precise spots pm...Beutiful river good fishing.
  9. FOSR

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    Sometimes people camp on the bank under the Emerald Parkway bridge, I've seen a tent and a fire there ... and burned trash ...

    For a nice local canoe ride, put in at Hayden Run and go north, you'll quickly clear the ski zone and it's all no-wake. Once you get above lake height it's riffles and pools, I've gotten all the way up to 270. It's a beautiful stretch of river.

    South of 161 near the top of the lake, where it's shallow river and stony banks, good fossil hunting BTW


    The river as seen under Emerald


    The river seen from the sidewalk on the Emerald bridge, looking north, low water

  11. Mushijobah

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    Thnks guys. The hocking definately has potential since it runs through Wayne. Maybe a sandbar on the Scioto would work too! I used to do that when I was a younger, non adult. Trying to keep tresspassing off my record now!
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    can i get the name of that river also andyman i am lokking for new water to hit to try out the new canoe thank you in advance
  13. That's the Allegheny River, near Oil City, PA.