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  1. There are 2 campground /marinas listed on the hawgfest page. Is one closer / better for the hawgfest. We are planning on bringing the motorhome to stay in during the 'fest and I am not that familiar with the river or either of the campgrounds. Thanks in advance
  2. any suggestions??!!

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    Not sure what two camp ground you are talking about. If I were you I check in to the plantation. You should be able to getting a motorhome in there and a lot of OGFer will be there. If you post the two campground I can help, I live in Vermilion the rivir nice no bad area to get boat stuck. Just might have a little ride to the lake. River side marnia is the fartherest south. Might even call Maple grove if you want to be right at your boat. I hope I help.
    ps Plantation is about 15 mins by car from the river. It is too the west.
  4. Thanks tubuzz.
    Riverview and Maplegrove were the 2 I was speaking of. Is Maplegrove very far upriver? I will check out the plantation also - If we can pull the motorhome in there that may be the best bet.
  5. We camped at Riverview last year and found it to be pretty nice. It was not crowded at all which surprised us a bit. It is only about a 10 minute cruise to the starting area. There river channel seemed plenty deep enough for anything that guys would be pulling up for the tourney. There were a couple of shallow areas to navigate around but not what I would call hazardous. I think we will probably look to go back there again this year.
  6. Being an RV Park, Riverview should have spots available. I don't know how the Plantation spots look so I have no idea how they compare.
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    Riverside is right next too Maple Grove. 1 min difference.