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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by perry, May 10, 2005.

  1. Hey, I'm looking and have been looking for a nice private campground or small piece of private property for sale around the SW Ohio Area.

    I of course would like it on or close to a fishable body of water.

    I also would like to be able to run my ATV there, but thats only a plus.

    There is a private campground called Horseshoe Something near Lawrenceburg that would be perfect except that it floods often and is under water 50% of the time.

    Internet searches have yielded nothing :(

    Can anyone make any suggestions? Could be in OH, IN or KY. Doesnt matter. Just near Cincinnati (< 2 hours away).

  2. There is a place called indian lakes.It is in Indiana near Batesville.It has 4 or 5 lakes,1 big lake,I fished it over the weekend,crappie on almost every cast.My neighbor has a place is a very nice campground.

  3. Hey perry, I know of several folks who are always looking for such opportunities in this area as well and I have helped them look for stuff on the web and your right, in this area, there are not much for sale but KOA has a webpage to check out:
    this is located in Montana but lists places all over the country.

    I also found some good hits while searching for Bed and Breakfasts, check out this link:

    I honestly think the best thing to do is to search out these old paylakes and make them an offer, do some maintenence and start adding on camping sites, pads, electric, a decent wash house and the people will come!! A starving paylake will come much cheaper then building a lake from scratch.

    Old gravel pits can be good as well but in this area, they get top dollar as premium building sites even when they are completely in the flood plains, go figure that one out will ya??

    Good luck,

  4. My Cousin Owns Highland Lakes (at Least That Is What It Was Called) In Hillsboro. He Built A Motocross Track And Has Races Every Weekend There. He Used To Run The Lakes As Paylakes But Couldn't Pass Up The $8000.00 A Race, So He Closed The Lakes To The Public. He Was Putting In A Campground For The Motocross Guys But I Do Not Know How Far He Has Gotten With That. Then Again He May Have The Lakes Open Some To The Public, I Will Have To Get In Touch With Him And Find Out More.

    There Is Also A Campground Called Cozydale Located Between Maineville And Goshen Off Of Morrow Cozaddale Road I Believe. I Lived There The Summer I Got Married And Fished All The Time. I Worked 2nd Shift Then And Would Come Home After Midnight And Walk Around The Lake Throwing Buzzbaits, Talk About A Good Time. Also Caught A Lot Of Cats There, 14# On A Power Worm Fishing For Bass. There Was A Lot Of Fields There So They Might Have Room For You To Ride.

    If Ithink Of Anything Else I'll Let You Know..... :)
  5. Drive up rt 52 in ohio or rt 8 in ky there are lots of them.Indian lakes in IN is a good one also,don't know about the atv riding there-golf carts yes :)
  6. T-Man

    T-Man Outdoors Man

    I hear Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky just outside of Morehead is super nice. I have relatives who camp there all the time. I know there is more than enough places to fish there. I know of at least one big lake, maybe two. I'm not sure on whether or not atv's are allowed though.
  7. Daniel Boone is very nice - I've been going there 3-12 times a year for different activities for the last 10 years. In fact, I'm heading down to the Stanton districk backpacking next week 5/20-5/23.

    It is home to both Cave Run Lake and Larel River lake (Cumberland close by too); opportunity for trout in the river as well!

    There are area to ride ATV's, but in designated areas only.

    Check out the above link to your browser and it has all the info. you need on the area.