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Campbell Lakes Preserve

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by puphus, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Greetings -- This is my first time here. Nice forums. I'm looking for information on Campbell Lakes Preserve in Hamilton County. Anybody know much about it? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have been there once mainly to try my new layak. There are three lakes two almost connected and one that I didn't fish. You pay $2.00 to fish and there are rules posted. You can fish from the bank or in canoe or any boat without a motor (includes trolling motors). The one lake is real clear and you can see the bass, one has pike & perch, but expect there small.

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    The water is very clear so expect to use light line with finesse fishing. You can see the basses along the shore line if you do not spook them when approaching the shore. You can catch them on spinnerbaits too but mainly when it is windy and it stirs up the water so they cannot see the bait real well.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to give it a go. It's only about 20 miles from where I live. I'm mainly a bass fisherman,but I do have some gear for pike fishing leftover from a stint in WI. Sounds like it might be nice to take a canoe around and fish in cover not accessible to the bank fisherman.
  5. Hello and welcome to the family. I like the park there and I think it has a lot of promise. I caught a few crappie and gills a few months ago. I think the park actually has 4 lakes and 1 pond, And The GMR runs along the parks edge. I did see the results (on here) of a fish survey done a few years ago. There's a map at the parking area, that show their locations. Also, on google earth you can get a really great overhead view. I know I want to try the one named south lake it pretty big and I used my smartcast which showed it being atleast 20+ feet deep. and I maked a few fish. I tried some deep diving cranks but I couldn't get deep enough or WHO KNOWS what I was or wasn't doing to get a bite. LOL I want to toss this out too. Does anyone think those lakes would be a great fishing management area. For growing trophy fish. would beat driving to The AEP areas or the lac su ann ???? something area that I hear the bluegills are absolutely huge.
  6. Hello all this is my first post. I discovered Campbell Lakes Preserve in the spring and have been fishing it about twice a week since. I did my research and have had some success here. I fished the center lake on the tree side by the pipe that comes out of the water. I caught about five huge crappie and a couple of nice size bass. All of these fish were caught on a green with white belly Rapala jointed crankbait. This was at about 7:30pm. However, the last couple of weeks (june) I have had little success here. I don't know if it is the moon phase or if these lakes are getting too much pressure. I usually fish after dinner time. I have not seen many anglers there lately. Not as much as in May. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I throw all kinds of tackle at these lakes. Green and black Senkos texas rigged of course. Chartuse Rooster tails, various crankbaits. Lately I have been fishing shiners under a bobber. I have also fished the small west lake for Carp. I discovered the fishery study that was done on these lakes last year. All lakes are supposed to hold a great quantity of carp. Especially the south lake. I am going to do more carp fishing here with a hair rig. What a great resource these lakes are! For two bucks you cant beat it. Any locals have any more info on the history of these resored gravel pits? Were they initally dug for mining purposes?

  7. Im from the Blue Ash area. Where are these lakes located, and are they kid-friendly. I'm looking for a place to take the kids.
  8. From Blue Ash take 275 West till it runs into 74 west, get off at the Dry Fork road exit. Make a left on Dry Fork Road. Go through the traffic light. Make a right on Simonson. Follow that until it runs into Kilby. Make a left on Kilby. Then make a quick right onto Campbell. The lakes are on the left over the railroad tracks. When you park you will see the Northeast lake (closest too you) and the center lake which is to the left of the Northeast lake. These are the most accessible lakes. I wouldnt go so far as to call them kid friendly. There is quite a bit of brush around these lakes if you want to get to some really appealing spots. Looks like most people fish the Northeast and Center lakes. I have seen people bring there kids there.
  9. Thanks for the info swohioangler! I'll have to check it out! Might be a good excuse to leave the kids at home. LOL!!