camp shelter

Discussion in 'The Camp Fire' started by iam20fan, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. need to invest in a new shelter this year. i lost my last year in a storm last summer at kiser lake. it was that cheap walmart brand called ozark trail. i was thinking about one of those EZ-up shelters at dicks, but the case for it is huge. i go camping with a chevy beretta so i have to think about space too. but i don't want any cheap stuff either.
  2. the e-z ups are nice, you can get them in different sizes at dicks or at one of the -marts'

  3. EZ-ups are great, I have 4 of them (black) that I use for my catering gigs, hunting and fishing and have yet to have any problems. I suggest going with a darker color just because the white stains so easily.
  4. i was just at marcs in cuyahoga falls on state rd. they have coleman 14x 10
    shelters with screens for 29.99 looks like a great deal. and the box looks like its small enough that it wont take alot of room in your car.