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Camp Perry Report

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Longspur, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Great day out of camp perry. Ended up with our limits. Started out with the pack slow then moved away from the crowds and bite was more aggresive.
    Numbers on my handheld: N 41-35.580 W 82-58.764. Saw lot of scattered catches thru the crowds, some hogs. Mine were all in the 24 to 28 range. Finished up at about 2:00. Colors; silver pimple w/emerald green and 1/2 oz crippled herring in perch and neon green, slow, subtle presentation. Fish all came off bottom in about 23 FOW. Best times were around 11:00. Keep my spot chumed up be out there next week weather and ice permitting. Hope this helps.

  2. also had a good day at camp perry, didn't get our limit but got 7. Biggest was 25 1/2, also did good on the swedish pimples both green and red tape on them. Was out with the pack and the bite really picked up around 2:00. Hopefully get back out soon.