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  1. just trying to take a vote on northeast ohio camp grounds just recently camped for three days at mosquito lake campgrounds 7 of us had to get 2 sites because there was a 6 person limit but the funny part is that 7 person was a 1 1/2 yr but rules are rules just thought was kind of silly all in all was a good time wanted to get a site with water close there were a few but they were real small for all the tents and screen room well back to question just wanted to know what everyone thought was good campgrounds around northeast ohio with good water access for night fishing for catfish at the campsite it really dosent have to be in northeast just perfer not to drive so far i live canton alliance area any replys will be great thank you
  2. The West Branch campground was just remodeled. It looks real nice. I have never stayed there but it is highly recommended.

  3. Check the Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds on Bedel Road. There are quite a few "water sites" but, of course, they get rented first. Some nice ones in the Oak area with rather steep banks.

    Haven't been there in years but I know it is still open. Good luck.
  4. West Branch is a really nice campground. I will be there beginning Friday evening through the 4th of July. The only thing is that you really need to make reservations...majority of the sites fill up fast!
  5. The campgrounds at Muskingum Watershed lakes (Atwood, Leesville, Tappan, Clendening) would meet your needs in NE Ohio.
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    Ditto. I've personally camped at Leesville and Clendening. Very nice and right on the lake. Clendening is my favorite.

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    We’ve always enjoyed camping at Pymatuning. In fact we're headed out there the week after the 4th. Their water front sites are very nice and family friendly. There's plenty of room for a screened room and tent and the lake breezes keep the bugs down to a minimum. If you have a boat you can moor it right in front of your campsite.
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    If you want to purchase a pa license, or just a three day pass the camp grounds at Shenango are very nice too. They have several that can be reserved w/ water access and a ton more that are not allowed to be reserved that are right on the lake as well. Nice site, good boat launch, good people and good fishing.