Camo stencils?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishnfool, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. fishnfool

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    Anybody know where or what is my best bet for camo stencils? I just painted the base coat on my 4 runner,and was just gonna take spray cans and just break it up but I think I'm gonna try to do it in stencils. I've looked online and everything is pretty expensive like a hundred bucks,if I knew that they would do a good job I would buy them.Just thought I'd get some input first. Thanks
  2. jeffmo

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    if you're looking for leaf patterns you could make those yourself.just trace them from whatever leaves you want and cut them can use both the cut out and the leftover as patterns.

  3. Just freehand it and it will turn out fine.:)
  4. ezbite

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    go out and get a leaf off the tree(maple or oak work great), lay it on the 4 runner and spray around the outline. there you go, instant stencil.
  5. what ezbite said works good and easy too,...I used palmetto leaves once and it made a really cool pattern but since there isnt any around here you can use any type of leaf or even tree branches/sticks