Cambell Lakes Reserve in Harrision

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  1. Has anyone fished it with any good results. Thanks
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    your wasting your time. I have never had any success there. Unless you have a kayak or canoe dont bother. If you have to bank fish fish the lake behind the softball fields back in the woods. This is the only lake where I have caught fish at. I have seen people catch lm out of the south lake with a kayak but havent seen anybody have success off the bank

  3. I went Wednesday after work, and caught about 20 bass from the South Lake. None were huge (there are some BIG bass in there), but many were around 15”. All were caught on a Senko right near the bank. I was fishing from a kayak, and it would be a very difficult lake to fish from the bank……..unless you were throwing a weedless frog or something that you could fish through the slop.