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Call Of Duty 4

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Shadowolf, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Anyone going to be playing this?
    I currently play BF2 and love it but looking forward tot a new game...
  2. starcraft

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    Been playing the game since cod 2 on 360 still playing 3 now and sure will pick up the 4th think lauch date is nov 5th. Picked up halo 3 and i like call of duty much better.

  3. I played COD2 on pc some I just don't dig the WWII theme looking forward to 4 because it's modern day war.
  4. You guys should try ArmA. Much more tactical and realistic. Very good game, even though it still need some polishing and requires very good machine.
  5. starcraft

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    Its alot diffrent then the others last night was online playing cod3 guys were talking about cod4 how great it was some of the features are, using a knife to stab now and something about planes. Also heard it is easy to get kills because of the modern weapons in the game.

    Not like cod 3 where u have the kar98 which is a bolt action rifle with one shot and the m1 guns like that are hard to shoot lol.
  6. I play BF2 all the time. I've played it for over 2 years now and nothing has been able to replace it. The game just doesn't get boring for me. If I get tired of infantry, I fly jets, if I tire of that, I fly choppers. The game has it all.

    Is COD just an infantry FPS or does it have a complete world like BF2?
  7. i will be buying this on the xbox360. i am playing the new medal of honor right now and PGR4.
  8. Hey Buckeye what server do you play in? and what's your screen name?

    I play mainly Infantry Only Servers, BFS (Battle Field Supreme), IMA, War is Hell, Damage Inc.

    My Screen Name is (TL $hadow|wolf) I'm like you I've been playing it since day one, Love it! Most of my Squad plays COD2. we compete in CAL (Cyber Athletic League) for COD2 and BF2. Looking forward to COD4 though, my squad is 50-100 members strong and were strung out between two games now. When COD4 comes out we'll be a one game gaming squad again.

    My squad Delta Force Legends (sw.dfl) or Team Legends (TL $hado|wolf)