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California Bass Fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Ol'Bassman, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. I am going to San Francisco next month and heading down coast hwy to San Diego. Is there anyone on here familiar with good bass lakes along this route that I can hit? I will only have a couple of days to fish and want to make sure I go where the big fish are. I plan to fish Dixon Lake at least once. Any tips on bait and fishing techniques will be appreciated.
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  2. Now you're talking my game. I"m born and raised there and have fished San Diego for 40 years. First off, Dixon is not your first choice just because a 25 pounder was snagged there 2 or 3 years ago. The next world record will come from either Hodges in Escondido(about 20 miles north of S.D. on I-15) or Miramar (About 12 miles north and also on I-15). At either place try the coves and especially the dams. Miramar is kind of like a bowl and is VERY clear while Hodges has a more natural shoreline and is great fished from a boat. Purple or black plastic worms are deadly either place. Any lake in S.D. has boat rentals but don't get aluminum if you can help it as the fish there have been caught over and over and are very smart.
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  3. The Castaic Lagoon is just off off I-5 when your heading south. This is a small lake right below Castaic closest to I-5. Go to where the lagoons dam is (not the lake dam) and throw huge topwaters. It's your best bet for bass off the bank but if you don't get one on the first cast stay at it, they move in and out. San Diego waters are tough bank fishing, the SD River ponds on the east end are your best bet for a big fish off the bank. I've caught bass over 10lb off of the bank at both locations that I gave you.
  4. Thanks for the feed back and PM's. This forum is great!
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