cajun redline

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  1. i dont know but i bought this cajun redline like 2 years ago and loved anyone els ever have any luck with it
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    WHAT? fishing lin try work well.
    yes or no
    circle 1
    I need a few more sips before I read this again.:)
    Just Kidding
    I have never tried!

  3. I don't like it to stiff and breaks to easy compared to Berkley xt,,
  4. im all about fireline crystal
  5. I haven't tried Cajun, but I've been experimenting with Fireline and Spiderwire Stealth lately. 8 lb test on spinning gear. I hate the fireline because I get a birdsnest on about every 10th cast and it's impossible to straighten out. Only solution is cut the line and start over. The Spiderwire is much better and when I do get a birdsnest, I can easily undo it. It has a bit more friction, so I won't win a casting contest, but I can live with that. It's really strong, too.
  6. yea they said the reason the redline works so well is because red is the first color to dissapear under water and since cabeals did that test with cajun redline triline and stren cam out with a red colored line i thouhgt it was weird but it works
  7. I guess it is time to throw out all my cherry seed/ firetail / and other red colored baits since they all dissappear underwater?
  8. Don't like it, too much memory.
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    Never understood how red line could disappear under water since Daiichi Bleeding Bait Hooks (colored red) are supposed to represent a bleeding bait fish, or a fishes red gills, and be an attractant. So, the questions remains, does red disappear and fish are blind to it, or is the opposite true? To me it simply sounds like the only thing attracted to red are gullible fishermen and their wallets. How is it that the best day I ever had saugeye fishing was using simple clear monofilament line dragging a plain old nightcrawler attached to a rusty hook?
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    I concur on the cajun. to stiff. I also agree with river anglin on spiderwire stealth. Love the stuff really strong and pretty easy to get untangled. I use it on some of my spinning tackle & also 30lb on my flipping stick for the thick stuff. LOVE IT. It is also cheeper than fireline....... big bonus:)
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    i will clear up this redline confusion. i have been a scuba diver for the past 5 years, and one of the things you have to learn is the color spectrum and at what depths different colors are filtered out. red is the first color to get filtered out, but that happens around 31-33 ft deep. also once a color is filtered out it doesn't become invisible, it turns a brownish green. i know this because i was bit by a fish when diving a wreck in 80+ ft. and the upon surfacing at around 32 ft the brownish "stuff" i was squeezing out of my finger turned bright red. point being the only advantage to red lines are if you fish 30+ ft. deep water.
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    I bought a spool of the Cajun Red in 4# for my ultralight.
    Stuff was horrible! Wirey and snarly.
  13. i bought a 6000 yard spool of it and it seems to work pretty good.i spooled up all my spinning reels with it.i always used trilene for 30 years.ive heard complaints about the cajun 30 or 40 lb test.i spooled another reel with trilene and changed it today to sure theres something better out there but for now im satisfied.
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    I have 4 poles spooled w/ ProLine Braided Line. My Catfish pole has 50#, Everyday pole has 20# & my ultra light has 10#. I have not had to change out line in several years. The line does not retain any memory from year to year. It is by far the best line I have ever used.

    Just to give you an example of the strength of braided line.....3 years ago I was fishing at Caesar Creek from the bank. I was on the handicap fishing peer under the 73 overpass bridge. I cast out my lure (6-8ft depth) and got a snag. I wrapped the line around my small tackle box so that the braided line didn't cut my skin. The line began to move. It wasn't a fish. It was slowly inching its way towards me. I was approx 20 feet out. I did this for a good 20 minutes or so inching it back toward me. I finally saw what I was hooked on. Someone had lost their boat anchor, rope and all. I hooked into the rope when i was retrieving my lure. I was using a 10# test line and brought that in dragging it across the bottom and up an incline. This is what sold me on the line and why I have all of my poles spooled w/ braided.
  15. I have been using cajun redline 8# on my spinning rods for the last year with no complaints
  16. I have been using whatever line is on sale for a long time. I made my first trip to Canada this June and decided to reline all of my rigs (7) before heading out. I heard of the cajun red line before so I went out on a limb and bought it for all of the rigs. I bought the "super smooth casting" in 6#, 12# and 20#. I really really liked the 6 pound. low memory, great knots, very very tough in rocks and wood, did not lose a single jig or rig all week. I thought the 12# was good, as good as anything else. The 20# was different. Ithought the diameter was bigger than other lines and the memory was really bad it looped up a lot. Of course I only had the 20# on baitcaster rigs so maybe that was the difference.

    If you are looking for really strong, limp good low pound test line I would highly recommend it. I caught over 600 bluegill in 6 days to testify for it!!!

  17. I use it...... and the 8lb works well for me. I can't say it's any better than one brand or another but I've caught bluegill, catfish, crappie, small mouth, large mouth, rock bass, perch, and walleye on it at all times of the year and in depths from 2ft to 48ft....river, pond & Erie.

    The 8lb has been spooled on my two spinning rods since last spring and I haven't lost a fish due to a line break yet.....and I keep the rods in the SUV all the times with the waders and tackle so it seems to stand up to the elements well enough.

    I've been told that it looks a little girlie that's ok with me. :p
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    I have 3 poles with 10# and 8# line. I like it.
    I usally use trilene.
    No complaints here from cajun.
    Cast smooth.
  19. personally, i love the stuff. I have 14# on one reel and it is great when it comes to weeds and tree laydowns. I put 10# on my sons first baitcaster (got one of those new BPS "for kids age 9-14") and he has done very well learning it and the line does not backlash much at all. I give it a shot of Real Magic everytime we go out and it has been great line for us.

    One thing i have noticed about it more than other line is that it does not balloon up on the reel. First time out I spool it with a 3/4 sinker and reel it back trolling about 2-3 issues after that.
  20. We use it on all our poles and very happy with it. My favorite part about it is you have to be really hung up for it to break. I get hung up on everything, so yes i have definitely tested its strength! We actually reline poles at our shop with it for $2.00 and reel and you dont have to take the reel off the pole. We have had no complaints from the people who have relined their poles. They like the switch.