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Caeser Creek 10/11

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TheKing, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Spent my day off at Caeser Creek on a solo trip. Got on the water at noon-thirty and fished a good 5 hours. Trolled the north pool with some deep cranks, and then some erie dearies. Nothing to be had, very few marks.

    Worked the south side of the island down from the camp ramp and pulled a largemouth shy of 14 inches out of the shallows on crawler dangling from a slip-bobber. I like to flip/jig this way so that I know when I get out to a certain depth and then I can move on.

    There were good marks and plenty of 'em out from shore on this side of the island. Fish at around 10 feet, and then others down on the bottom at about 20 ft. No takers whatever they are... I put the crankbaits, and the crawler harness, and the erie dearies right in their noses. Speed?? mine was slow, about 0.5-1.0 mph.

    Went down to the south point of the lower island after that and did get hooked up three times without success. Used that slip-bobber rig that worked was the right thing for the day. Just windy on that point and my hands were busy working the co-pilot when they should have been setting the hook. Saw a 17 incher taken on a chartreuse spinnerbait.

    The shallows regularly had carp jumping. I would have thought a crappie or gill would have bit. Was surprised they didn't.

    Took a friend to Cowan the other day. Got a couple of 14 inch channel cats and plenty of those 7/8 inch crappies. They were hitting about anything....minnows on the bottom, on the bobber, erie dearies tipped with crawlers, and even huge crankbaits. Kept several of the 8 inchers for dinner. I thought they might get bigger over the summer, but not that I could tell.
  2. Well at least you were not sitting on the couch wondering if they were hitting :) daryl

  3. I am with you....the older I get, the less time I have for the couch.....all remaining free time reserved for fishing and hunting. I really need to spend a week at Caeser and get it figured out for once and for all!