Caesar's Creek

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  1. Did anyone fish CC over the weekend? If so what were the water conditions and did you catch anything?
  2. I will give it a try today and or am 9-5.l

  3. Yeah, my dad and I did. Just messed around for a couple hours in the morning catching gills. Water was low and a little dirty. I think the water temp was in the upper 70s still.
  4. Thanks dude I think I will hit it on Friday.
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    My brother and a buddy went Monday, fished five hours with 1 small LMB and a small Muskie. Had to leave because of the boaters.
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    The Dead Sea is living up to its name. Maybe when it cools down a bit and the pleasure boats winterize them oceanliners. Did hear of 2 nice Muskeyes caught in the cove by the bridge.
  7. Fished the "Dead Sea" tuesday evening from about 5 pm till 8pm. The surface temp was 81 degrees and the water clearity was about normal for this time of year and the lake level is down about 2 ft.

    We did manage a couple nice black crappie and about 6 small eyes off of the hump with some sheep and gills thrown in. Lost a couple of nice ones to the structure. All in all if was a good 3 hours of fishing. We used minnows and night crawlers.

    We had our normal boat traffic and jet skies. The time is approaching where the fishing will only get better for the ones who understand and know this body of water.
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    Anybody got any tips on cc good bass spots? I've had decent luck around the Wellman area considering the conditions.
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    Do you fish by bass or boat?
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    Fishin by Boat
  11. One of our SOMA members got 5 muskies in 4 days. My brother and I were there this past Saturday for a few hours. We had a couple nice muskie follows and one hit on the 8. Also caught a saugeye and a few small bass. When the water temps drop just a bit more everything should turn on.
  12. Fished for 2 hours Wed AM. Not a hit. The lake was very flat,temp very hot. Talked to another fisherman with one saugeye. Saw one large ski boat go thru the hazzard area at full throttle. That was smart!
  13. caught a few last weekend fished both nights from 8p.m. till 1a.m probably caught 30 both nights and around 13 keepers all crappie but one eye
  14. Does anyone sell shiners or large minnows near the lake?
  15. while not from Ceasars creek, I did catch my biggest muskie to date up in wisconsin the other day, also had a nice mix of LM's and SM's and pike up to 30 inchs


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  16. Went fishing 9/9 in morning.Bass slow. No keepers.Fished for crappies and caught 7 keepers 9" to 11" in the middle of trees in 15 - 20 fow.
    Bass tourney was going on.Talked to 1 person.He had 1 keeper,missed 3 decent ones,had a lot of hits on Baby Spooks.
  17. Yeah the baitshop on the south side of the dam does. At least their sign in the shop says they do.
  18. tried today for musky - nice day to be on the water - didn't see any fish however.
  19. Went out on 9-8 after all the rain fished for 5 hours caught 1 catfish and 1 crappie thought they would be killin it after the rain
  20. any updates on surface temp at cc?