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Caesar's Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by AEFISHING, Apr 25, 2004.


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak


    I am relatively new to fishing CC. I was wondering if anyone catches any good numbers of Crappie's on the Furnas shores boat ramp side of the 73 bridge. I have never fished on that side of the bridge and was wondering where may be a good spot to start if any.

  2. Don't know about "good numbers", but crappie are in the coves now (or were until the cold wind and rain hit). That goes for the south pool (south of the bridge) also. I caught some keeper crappie (all females) and eyes yesterday drifting with jig/minnow combos in deeper water along wood edges in the coves down there, but fishing was tough with the wind and all. Temps were at 56* everywhere in the south pool, shallow and open water. I think the wind churned the lake and dispersed the water. The water on the protected shores was fairly clear (for CC), but the wind blown shores were very muddy and covered with debris. I think if you know a pattern in the north pool, it will hold for the south pool.