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Caesars' Creek Lake crappie fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrcaptaincrunch, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Was wondering if anybody is fishing for crappie at CC. I have heard that CC. is one of Ohios best crappie lake. Can anybody tell me where a shore fisherman might find some crappie? I recently had 2 back surgeries and cannot get out in my boat til spring. Plus the wife says if I do, I have to live, eat and sleep in it too. CC. is fairly close to me and would love to get out and catch some good eating crappie. Went up to Lake Erie last weekend and fisher the piers, brought one 8 pound 7 oz. walleye home. Man is it ever GOOD!! Well, hope somebody can help me locally on some crappie fishing, Thanks!!!
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Don't know much about CC Crappies, but I believe Paint Creek lake is the best late fall crappie lake around ;) You can get a basket full of slabs in a matter of a couple hours fishing in the right area from the bank. PM me and I can fill you in on the better areas ;) ..East Fork is also a great late season crappie lake, but the bank fishing is rather difficult, but they did install a new fishing pier down by the island......... CATKING

  3. Floater

    Floater Floatin' on by

    The boat docks around CC are great this time of year for crappie at night. I usually do well with minnows under a bobber. You'll probably get a few saugeyes too. Congrats on your walleye as well, that sounds great!