Caesar's Creek Cats

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  1. A few years ago (well, almost a whole decade now), I read an article in a magazine about the catfish in Caesar's Creek lake. The article said something to the effect of CC having a good number of HUGE cats, with some flatheads in the 80 and 90 lb. range. I even talked my dad into taking me up there for an evening after showing him the article. We didn't get a single bite the entire 4 hours we were there.

    So I'm wondering, how big are the fish in CC and where can ya find 'em and in what numbers?
  2. cats on cc comes up from time to time. they are there, i doubt there has ever been an 80lb fish in cc but back when it was young it could have grown some big fish, theres probably a 60 or two in there. as for catching them good luck, i have never heard of someone that can catch flatheads in there on a regular basis. the channel cat fishing in there can be very good in the downed tree's and on some of the small humps in the lake. i'm sure drifting hazards flats would prove very effective for channels

  3. Thanks for the response! I found the article again - it was in Ohio Game and Fish. Didn't check the date on that bad boy but the article said 50-60 lb. flats - not the 80 and 90 I had thought.
  4. I saw the same article in Ohio Game and Fish, a guy was holding up a MOOSE of a flathead.
  5. Correction: Ohio Game and Fish - not Ohio Fishermen.
  6. i have seen that magazine on several occasions use photos from other lakes and/or states to "glorify" an article on cats, or any fish for that matter. i would just-so notice a boat in the background have a MS, or ILL registration on it :D (OOPS!) .there are no doubt some hawg flatties in that lake but i'm sure are difficult to locate on a consistant basis.