Caesar Creek

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  1. Tom Dietz had a guide trip Sunday to Caesar Creek and had a great day. Four fish including these two.

    Tom with a 45"

    His client Kelly Stevens with a 49"

    They had 2 smaller fish as well. Tom got a 38" and Kellys wife Heather a 35". All fish were released to fight another day. Kelly will be getting a replica made of his 49".
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    Awesome! Those are some great photos. Gets my blood pumping. I'll be on Clearfork in 2 more days. I hope the bite is that good for us.


  3. 4 ski's in a day, one of the 49", that sounds like minnesota not ohio, awesome day

    maybe ill fish cc this week:D
  4. I've had a 5 fish day at West Branch before ... and a 3 fish day at Saltfork.. but the other 5 fish days were in the Kawartha's and St Clair. I'm glad to hear Ceaser's is doing well, I've heard a few other good reports from there so far this year. Those fish have some great markings... I've never been there.. What's the acreage on it ?
  5. Guy, it is just over 2700 acres and deep. Over 100' deep in some spots.