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    I must admit not to be a big fan of CC for shore fishing. (Some of us do not have or like boats) but last week I stopped by the Rangers' office to ask some advice. She told me to go to a point below the dam. Well... she was right. I hit four 4lb+bass and just got frustrated with the light tackle I brought. I am a CC shore fisherman now. There ARE large sport fish in THAT lake.
  2. I too fish from the banks (or try too) It can be tough, and most areas that have access are highly pressured. Glad to hear from someone that actually caught quality fish from the bank. And MORE than one fish at that. Nice work! I like to try different areas, but with gas costs it gets too expensive to go 'exploring' new areas.

  3. Being relegated to only shore fishing is tuff, especially at CC. It is all I do and have a few places I've never seen people but with the pressure that lake gets you have to work for big fish. Congrats on the bass. Been fishing CC since I was little and maybe caught 2 4pounder my whole life from there.
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  5. no pics i guess?? i have fished cc all my life and i dont think i have caught but one that was 4 # maybey
  6. There used to be quite a few large Bass in C.C.Largest one I've caught was a 7lb.3oz.Good number of 5-6lbs.Now the Musky fishing is taking over.They're fun to catch as well.:B
  7. yes, a picture would be nice. Everyone doesnt carry along a camera like they should. I forget mine on occasion. I can believe (1) 4 lb was caught, but after re-reading, he stated (4) 4lbrs?? come on. The only 4lb+ bass I caught anywhere in Ohio was in a farm pond. Maybe its just a 'fish tale' to keep everyone away from his usual location, and pound on this 'point below the dam'
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    I have fished well below that dam and I saw two 3# & 4# fish jump out of the water to catch insects. I wasn't able to catch them but I know they are in there.
  9. well he said he fished a point below the damm. i would take that as the creek. i fish the creek often i was there 2 times this week. fished from the lmr up the creek a pretty good ways. caught a few small ones. small mouth. rock bass. saugeye. . and then he said there are large sport fish in the lake??????? hate to dout someone so much
  10. His Site name:

    The COMIC ist

    Need I Say more.....LOL

    My only 4+ BASS out of CC:

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    I detect a hint of doubt in many of these messages about my fantastic luck at CC.

    I fear, sirs, you all have sullied my otherwise pristine reputation. I pray Dueling Pistols be made available to each and all. We will meet and remedy forever this blasphemous scar you all have placed upon my soul. We will meet at the muddy overpriced pond called Butler Lake. (It'll cost you $12.00 to take a shot at me. That's only fair.) And, heck, you can use my bloody liver for bait.
  12. Well played.