Caesar Creek info???

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  1. Just started musky fishing 3 years ago all on the Cave, how is caesar creek? Seen some very nice fish coming from there!! Are fall baits the same at caesar as the cave?? Reason asking I have a buddy that lives in Eaton that wants me to come up. I have crappie fished there 6 years ago,know the lake some what.. Any help would be nice!!! You can PM me some secrets if need be.;) ;) ALL MUSKYS ARE RELEASED THANKS SKEET!!!!!!!!
  2. Any names of pro shops at caesars creek?????? I am a truck driver with very little time home trying to plan for a trip to CC next weekend.. Seen some more nice pics of CC muskie...

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    Try fishing the coves and main lake points. Target standing timber and laydowns... If you don't have a good lure retriever, I'de get one. Good luck.