Caesar Creek 6-18-08

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    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Went and fished CC today. All boat ramps are open. Put in at Haines Ramp. Very shallow getting out to the the main lake. Water temp was 75.5 at 3:00 pm. Fished/Trolled Walker Island, Indian Mound cove, big north bay, and Campground Island. Finished catfishing mouth to Haines from main lake and then right at Haines Ramp. Marked plenty of fish on the sonar. Eight hour total catch was 3 saugeye on crankbait and 1 catfish also on crankbait. We used crankbaits, jigs (1/16 with pink plastic, yellow tails, worms) top waters, and Muskie lures (bucktails and floaters). Catfished with fresh chicken livers wrapped in cheese-cloth.

    Normally fish lower CC from Wellman ramp. Always have better luck down there with bass, crappie, and occasional walleye.

    We tried everything but the seat cushions and couldn't get bites. Tough marking fish all over and not being able to entice a strike.

    Any tips on how or where to better fish the north part of the lake would be appreciated.
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    Fletch FishOn

    Great post BigRed.
    I haven't done that well over there this year (bass fishing). I've caught a few small ones but very few keepers.
    I usually fish the south end below the bridge myself. I've caught a bunch of small cigar saugeye's but nothing bigger than 12-14 inches and most smaller than that using cranks.
    What did the water color look like?

  3. I was there the same day and only caught 2 sheephead and a small bass. They were just not biting that day. It sounds like you tried all the good spots in the north part of the lake.
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    Fletch FishOn

    I went out on Friday.
    The water between wellmans ramp and the bridge was really stained.
    In the no wake zone back towards the dam it was better.
    Water temp was between 77 and 80.
    Caught a few on top water baits but not many keepers.

    The main lake was a madhouse and a few boats were running on plane back in the no wake zone also.
  5. What size, color on crankbaits work good for bass, and what plastic lures work good too.
  6. Fished the pioneer village cove today. I caught 2 sheephead that had to be 5 pounds each and a 12in largemouth.
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    Fletch FishOn

    What is up with the sheepheads? those things are all over that lake.

    One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, a couple of guys said the north end of the lake had better clarity than below the bridge. I didn't get a chance to run up that way though. I felt like I was risking my life trying to drive my boat up that way with all the traffic and Dumb-A drivers (not you fishing guys lol).
    Which brings me to this question; Why does a pleasure boat or ski boat have to come so close to someone that is fishing? Do they want me to notice them?

    Hey Narniafisher, try crankbaits on the smaller side would be my suggestion.
    Various colors work at different times. With the stained to muddy water I'd try something other than natural colors. Try a dark colored bait or something with red or chartreuse.
    For plastics I haven't been doing that well so I'd say if you aren't getting bit try changing your bait every 15-30 minutes till you get bit.
  8. We camped and went out, tried a few places. Water is getting clearer. We pulled in quite a few sm bass, nice size, and plenty of them! That was our good day, bringing in about 15, average size about 10". Had been all over the lake for a couple of days, and found this area, and hit them big.
    We just retired this year, so are still learning parts of the lake, but we were on the north side of the lake. Going back next week for a few days. Good luck to all, love to see your input!
    Gone Fishing, Faye
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    Fletch FishOn

    Tournament held at CC/Wellmans yesterday and quite a few boats.
    Plus a lot of pleasure boats.

    There were several boats running on plane in the idle zone. One of the boats drove by the shallow cove just down from wellmans ramp and someone on the bank (fishing) yelled at them to slow down. They turned around to go back by those folks and it looked as though they were trying to run over their fishing lines. What the dumb arse didn't realize is that he was probably in about 2 feet of water. I don't want to see anyone get hurt but I would have loved to see them rip off their lower unit.
    Where is a park ranger when you need them?

    We caught a few bass on top water baits. Nothing big though.
  10. Glad i didn't see that. Probably would have had words with someone.

    I caught quite a few short fish between 830 and 845. For some reason the bite always turns on for me at that time of evening. Caught the one keeper smallie that was a squeeker, and broke two others off. I'm still perfecting tying a flourocarbon leader to my powerpro mainline. :mad: