Caesar Creek 31 July

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  1. BigRed

    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Put in at Wellman around 4:00 pm. Water temp 82 with maybe 2 foot visability. Went and fished "Water Tower" cove to 73 bridge looking for muskie ... no fish but, on the plus side, I found out I've made a decent rod / reel combo for fishing them. Fished for bass along some coves on the way back down to the dam. Nothing really hitting, just a few small fish. Waited till dark and setup for catfish in the no-wake area east of Wellman... caught a nice 6 lb Flat-head (22 inches). Made some fine fillets for dinner this weekend. Used worms, haven't had much luck this year with chicken liver so went back to good 'ol worms on a hook.

    Good Fishing !