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Hey everybody,

On the side I like to do CAD drawings for people that might help out with a project. Anything from designing up mechanical parts and submitting drawings to a machinist, to counter top layouts, basic floor plans, wiring diagrams, deck layouts..... Just about anything that you might need drawings for I can do. As for price, this is something I really enjoy doing so everything is negotiable. I can always use fishing gear :D All of the projects are drawn at 1:1 scale so I can print them out full size for templates (up to about 36"w x 96"l) or I can do detail drawings of parts (telling you how much material to use for a deck etc....)

Here are a few quick examples of some of the things I have done.

I'm a huge RC nerd so I like to design and build my RCs (both with custom parts and parts from other RCs)

The real thing

Another truck design

Chinchilla cage

Disc Golf basket

Basic wiring diagrams.

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