Cable vs. Dish vs. DirectTV etc...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Moving 12/28/07 and will be doing a nice home theatre system and big ole' flat panel LCD TV and all that jazz. I wasn't sure if the dish'es had nice HD packages and if there was reception problems in inclement weather as the cable ads show...

    Would love to get opinions based off OGF'ers experiences and current setups... thanks
  2. ive had directv for 5 years and only ever went down during REAL heavy electrical storms with heavy rain and even then never more than a min or 2...maybe 1-2 times a year...cant speak for hd...dont have it...

  3. sporty

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    I had Dish Network and loved it. I think I've heard DirectTV has about the best HD package going.
  4. ScottB

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    I've got the Dish HD package, they keep adding HD channels all the time probably close to 35 or 40 now. Like Wave Warrior, my Dish will go out a couple of times ayear during a real heavy thunderstorm, but only for a couple of minutes. Nothing like the cable ads would have you believe. If you want to get the NFL package then you have to go with Direct TV, othewise it is pretty much a toss between Dish and DirectTV. Either one blows cable out of the water on customer service, picture quality and price.
  5. K gonefishin

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    I just got hooked up with AT&T Home Zone, with Dish Network, The homezone allows you to watch music, videos and movies right from yahoo through a wireless network and the reciever has card slots to look at pictures right from the card, I got the whole thing as a package with HD programming and DVR, I am very happy with it, I saved alot of money with the package if you guy internet access, dish and phone service, my dish has yet to go out in the 3 months I've had it. my parents have had dish since it came out and they still have it no problems here. If you want the NFL Package Dish doesn't offer it but direct TV does. Lots of new HD channnels popping up almost weekly it seems like too.
  6. Chuck P.

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    I've had all three and I'll add my .02.

    Cable- Time Warner Cable I have right now. Actually, I have the bundle with internet, tv and phone. WAY OVERPRICED but good service. Thinking of switching to AT&T though.

    Direct TV- Loved it. Great football package for NFL and like was said in an earlier post, only faded out during real bad storms or heavy snow. Can't really say anything bad about them. No contracts too.

    Dish Network- SCREWED ME OVER BIG TIME! canceled the service, and the day the box showed up to mail my receiver back, they charged my bank account $400 without telling me!!

    The money was refunded but that's not the point. I cannot recommend DishNetwork to anyone, ever.
  7. i have had directv for 7 years with no problems


    i have dish network and have had them for almost 10 yrs now and ever had a problem with them
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    I have Directv and just purcased a 42" LCD flat screen with the complete home entertainment system from Circuit City. I have the Directv HD/DVR receiver. I get close to 100 HD channels and it will soon be 150. The NFL network and the BTN is included in the sports package and I am told that STO will be included in my area this spring. In my opinion there is no contest, Dierctv beats them all. I wasn't real impressed with Circuit City Fire Dog installation though....Pete
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    Thanks for all the info, appreciate the responses.
  11. I got cable. got the hd receiver and dvr all the had channels and God only knows how many reg channels and another receiver for a diff room and I pay like $59. Ive had this for like 3 years. Before that I had dish it would always cut out in a storm. And the one time somethin was wrong with the cable commin from the dish into my house and they wanted to charge me like $500 to fix it. So needless to say i got rid of em. Im real happy with the cable.
  12. First off Time Warner is an absolute joke! Horrible customer service. Horrible billing and retention departments. Horrible prices and packages. Horrible hardware. If it's HD you're looking for definitely don't even consider TW. They don't have the physical capability of keeping up with the satellite companies as far as HD is concerned. Unless you're into compressed HD, which is what TW gives you (on all 12 or so HD channels you actually get).

    As far as Dish and DTV, it's a toss up. If sunday ticket is a must you have to go DTV. If not then the only real difference right now is that DTV has a bit more to offer in HD right now, but Dish is slated to be on par in the very near future. As far as hardware goes Dish definitely has the edge hands down. The Dish vip 622 dual hd tuner/dvr is the best thing out there right now. If you ever use this box you'll wonder why the guys at DTV and TW just can't figure it out...

    Personally, I would opt for Dish after having all 3. The equip. alone sells it for me. I could literally rant over this for a few pages but it's time for work!
  13. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    I forgot to add something before, Stay the heck away from Time Warner, they screwed up my billing so bad and lost a payment that I have proof that I made, I went through a 4 month ordeal with them, I actually filed a complaint with the BBB and they still didn't do anything but tell me the money was lost, no refund, they didn't stop collections etc. It was the biggest royal pain in the arse I have ever had to deal with so far in my life, I hate them. Do not support TW even if it's your last choice, the electric company offers cable to them. When I went with the Att service they are so good it's almost as if they are kissing your back side the customer service, tech support and billing are the best I have ever had to deal with.
  14. i have direct tv dish and cant complain, had time warner and the digital cable package really blows had problems with it all the time, there phone service really blows had problems with dropped calls and static, plus with att and vonage having cheaper pricing for the same things its not worth it.

    a buddy of mine who installed cable for quit a few years here in ohio and florida and he said that direct tv has the best picture on the market right now and some of the best packages, he also pointed out that the government has set a time table of beginning of 2009 for all cable and satellite tv comanies have to be switched over to digital. also have to remember that other companies are starting to come into the ohio region to compete against twc like comcast, verison, and they will be bringing fiber optics with them.
  15. Long term Time Warner customer - made the switch to Direct TV about a year ago & it is great. I have no complaints with direct TV - my bill is what they said it would be, service is good, etc.

    If you go the Direct TV route - make sure you get somebody that already has it to refer you as you both will recieve the $50 credit on your bill.
  16. I've had Warner Cable digital service for the last couple of months. I've had nothing but problems with it. Some days certain channels are blank, with no picture, sometimes the picture 'freeze frames' for extended periods of time, and every day, the box re-boots itself, which takes about ten minutes to get the picture back. I've complained numerous times, and each time they send a guy out, who jiggles some wires, then tells me everything is OK. Then it happens again within minutes of him leaving my house.

    AT&T is now offering fiber optic cable in my area. I called them yesterday, and they're coming to hook it up Saturday. I'm calling Time Warner today, and telling them they're fired, and to come and get their junk.
  17. Fishers of Men

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    Whats the price differences for 'puter, tv, phone, at home and how about for the boat computer? I have time warner and the wife wants to keep it but I know I can do better...and the boat!
  18. My Time Warner bill is/was $64/mo

    My internet service (AT&T) is/was $25/mo

    My new bill for cable and internet service will be $74/mo on the same bill.

    The package I got was for three TVs to receive 200 channels (30 in HD), and one DVR unit. There's no contract. It's month to month. They're also sending me a $50 Visa Gift Card as a rebate.
  19. Fishers of Men

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    My time warner cable tv and 'puter runs 85.00 mo. Wife wants to get a "deal" from them that includes phone w/unlimited long distance for 99 mo.
  20. K gonefishin

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    Yeah since I signed up for the whole bundle pack with all services I'm actually getting 200 in Visa gift cards, Att has the best thing going, the Home Zone reciever is the best technology available it's all wireless and they send you the router and the box even has a little wireless dude that sits on top. You can't go wrong if you need new service, and the internet is blazing fast. I got the highest power package.

    Het good choice leaving them TW SUCKS