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  1. Anyone have any experience with no feedback cable steering? Want to replace
    my helm & cable rotary helm. Wondering if helm is same size & how trouble
    free it is? Use boat trolling & duck hunting need it to handle cold weather.
  2. not sure what you have... if its and older boat with the coated cables i san help...did a few and there not bad to any pics of the system???

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    not sure what your boat is or your budget. i replaced my cable with hydraulic this last spring. it was pretty easy.
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    Go to and check their pricing on the Teleflex NFB systems. Depending on the size of your outboard you'll probably spend about $175. You'll need to give them the cable length when you order.
    As far as size, the NFBhelm is is bigger than a typical non-NFB helm due to the brake components. Look at the pictures on the web to see the difference. The NFB helm wis about 6" longer and a little heavier. It'll use the same cable as the regular helms but why re-use an old cable? Buy the whole kit and start new. My boat would wear you out running it due to the torque but the NFB system I installed eliminated that problem. I can actually let go ofr the wheel now and it doesn't move an inch. Very nice when you are running several miles at a time.

  5. The reason I am interested in the nfb steering is for trolling. I have a small
    motor 50hp but need to keep things going straight when netting fish. I also
    need something to work well in cold weather.
    Thanks for the replys